Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Part 2­.

Bridesmaids annie and helen

The hilariously funny movie “Bridesmaids” had it all: laughs, love, fights, sports, friendships and last but not least, fashion. Annie (played by Kristen Wiig) and her arch nemesis Helen (played by Rose Byrne) both had very different styles but both women left an impression on me. On Monday we reviewed Annie’s simple and modest feminine style that didn’t break her wallet. Today it is time for Helen to step up to the plate with her expensive looking, haute couture wardrobe, which matched her glamourous, high society, fashionista personality. Who will be crowned bridesmaid of the ball? Let’s find out!

Film Title: Bridesmaids

When we caught a first glimpse of Helen in this breathtaking black gown I know we all felt as jealous as Annie did. The lovely beaded sheer detailing on the upper body of this gown is quite impressive. She wore this for her friends engagement party which some would say is way over the top, but for Helen, it is right up her ally, making sure all eyes are on her. I always thought that this dress in white would make a lovely wedding dress as well.


This lovely cream dress with unique short sleeves is one of my dream outfits. She kept everything in neutral tones, including her long beaded necklace and stood out from the rest of the women for this day of bridesmaids dress shopping.


As opposed to Annie, when travelling Helen had one thing in mind and that’s to look nothing but her best. Comfort wasn’t a priority for her since she wore this metallic light blue skirt and top with a gold jacket and heels when flying to Vegas. Who needs comfort when you look this good? 

Film Title: Bridesmaids

This scene was actually cut from the movie but it’s one of my favorite Helen outfits. A very old Hollywood look with the white big sunglasses and this beautiful beige jacket. This look keeps up with Helen’s neutral tone wardrobe which is fitting to her personlity since she always liked to keep things polished.

Choosing my favorite bridesmaid wasn’t an easy task! They both had a great sense of style and chose outfits that matched their personalities. Helen, the conservative classy woman chose to spend extra money on her wardrobe, selecting stand out pieces with neutral palettes and clean lines. Annie on the other hand went for the cuter approach with sweet summer dresses and colorful blazers. Her lean legs allowed her to wear shorter dresses and showed that she had a very fun personlity!

The ideal wardrobe would be to combine the two together! You can have cute and feminene one day and sophisticated and womanly the next. However, if I HAD to choose, the winner would be: Megan (played by Melissa Mccarthy). That’s right-I chose the most ill-dressed character of the movie. Why you ask? It’s simple: Megan may have been the worst dressed out of all the bridesmaids but not only was she my favorite character but she also showed that no matter what you wear or what you do, you can always be a confident lady. She demonstrated that by always sporting her pearls, having her nails done and having the fiercest confidance every woman should. Thank you Megan for the great laughs and showing us that a little pazazz never hurt anyone!



Here Comes the Bride. Part 2.



Ah summertime. BBQ’s, swimming, terrasses, and you guessed right, weddings! Yes, tis the season and I am sure I am not alone in having to attend more than one. Weddings for me mean I get to dress up, dance and eat a ridiculous amount of food. The main thing I look forward to however is finally getting to see what look the bride decided to go for. From the hair, to makeup and dress, every decision greatly affects your overall look and what kind of bride you want to be.

We have often witnessed our favorite characters getting hitched on television and more often than not it is a very joyous occasion. On Monday I went over some of my favorite TV show looks and here are some other looks and moments I have adored from the past and present.


This was simply some foreshadowing, but seeing Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother in her beautiful mermaid wedding gown was such a delight. From the crystal belt to the sheer neckline and sleeves, this bridal look oozes old Hollywood with a modern twist.


When Phoebe Buffay from Friends tied the knot with the adorable Mike (who was one of my favorite significant others of any TV show) her look was not at all suprising. Considering how funky and different her style was on a daily basis, her going the untraditional route with the non-white dress was expected. She stayed true to herself and looked beautiful with her deep ivory corset gown and multicolored wild-floral bouquet.

charlotte wedding

Second time’s a charm. Or at least that was the case for Charlette York-Goldenblatt from Sex and the City when she married the love of her life, Harry Goldenblatt. She converted to Judaism to be with the man she loved and her wedding look the second time around was absolutely breathtaking. This feminine, very defined gown with a fine criss-cross chest detailing left us all in awe. Her crisp white vail and romantic curls with red lips allowed for a classic look and even though the ceremony didn’t go exactly as planned, they lived a very happily ever after!


Mr. and Mrs. Chanandler Bong finally tied the knot, and what a glorious day it was! When Monica Gellar and Chandler Bing got married on Friends, fans couldn’t be happier (besides, it was refreshing to see someone else other than Ross say “I do” for a change). Monica’s low v, fitted, satin gown was perfect for her relatively simple style, and her down-to-the-floor length vail was just enough to add a little something to the basic yet beautiful gown. The deep red bouquet keeps up with the classic essence of her bridal look.  


If anyone was going to pull off the different bridal look it would be Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl. Always trying to set themselves apart in the fashion world, their wedding day would be no exception. This being Blair’s second wedding she wanted to go for a light baby blue beaded gown with a beautiful train, and maintained her princess tiara (as per her first wedding). On the other hand, Serena who was always known to be a bit excentric, opted for an as gold-as-you-can-get strapless ball gown. They may not look like your typical brides but their personalities shone through and looked stunning nonetheless.  


Last but definitely not least: Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence from Boy Meets World. One of the most adorable couples that took over our childhood because we literally watched they grow and fall in love together. This being the 90’s, obviously Topanga’s dress is slightly outdated, however long sleeve gowns are making a comeback (i.e. The Duchess, Kate Middleton). It is an understated look that can go a long way, and I dont doubt we will be seeing more of it!

No matter what style and look you opt for on your big day, remember to have your own personal taste make an appearance. And when looking for a dress keep in mind of one thing: you won’t know how it will look on you, until you try it! You could be very pleasantly surprised!

Here Comes the Bride.


When I think of summer, 3 things come to mind: swimming, bbqs and wedding season. Unfortunately with the very unpredictable Montreal weather, it is hard to plan the first two, however, it is always a sure thing that I will have at least one to two weddings to attend a summer (no matter how the weather turns out). From the finger foods, to the crazy dancing, I always have a good time but what I look forward to the most is finally getting a glimpse of the bride’s wedding dress.

Whether they opt for a princess gown, or a romantic lace dress, each bride is beautiful in their own way. Having done the makeup of many brides on their special day, I know how important it is for them to look their most beautiful, but to also still feel like themselves. Whatever style you go for, you have to stay true to yourself and if possible have your personality shine through your dress selection.

All these weddings I am attending make me think of some of my favorite wedding looks and moments from TV shows. I wanted to take a look and revisit some of my all-time favorite brides from the past and present! Some of these looks may be a bit outdated for 2013, but one thing noone can disagree with is that when we saw these characters in their wedding dresses, tears of joy filled our eyes.


It had been a long time coming for Izzie Stevens and Alex Karev’s to tie the knot from Grey’s Anatomy. When the day came Izzie’s look did not dissapoint with her ivory lace drop waist wedding gown with a halter neck.


Who could forget Luke and Lorelei‘s from Gilmore Girls special day? Lorelei looked stunning in this very soft pink strapless gown with a champagne sash at the waist. The floral detailing makes the dress very unique and I must admit, I’m a tad biased towards this dress because the one thing I know for sure is that my own dress will also be a very soft pink.


It looked like Charlotte York from Sex and the City had it all when she was going to marry her Trey McDougal but unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last very long. Fortunately for Charlotte she looked breathtaking in her gown. As her wedding planner Anthony Marantino said “You want pasta you go to Little Italy, you want wedding, you go Wang”. He couldn’t have said it better! Vera Wang is known for making unforgettable wedding dresses and this was no exception.


Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl sure doesn’t look too happy in this picture. It’s probably because she didn’t want to go through with the wedding to her Prince, but one thing is for sure, it is not the stunning gowns fault. Another look successfully orchestrated with the help of the undefeated Vera Wang. Blaire looked like a true princess with the touch of the tiara inspired jewels on her head.


A true classic: Rebecca Donaldson and Uncle Jesse’s big day. Full House had a strong presence in most of our households growing up and this episode definitely brought tears of joy to our eyes! Becky’s typical 90’s dress had enough ruffles to could go on for days, but she looked stunning (and let’s just point out how scrumptious Uncle Jesse looks in that tux. As he would say “Have Mercy!”)


Last but not least, my tribute to Glee. I am a very big fan of the show and music and the news about Cory Monteith (who played Finn Hudson) is truly devastating. This is in honor to him for he will always be remembered and will be deeply missed. This ultra feminime Audrey Hepburn-inspired gown was perfect for Rachel Berry when she was ready to tie-the-knot with Finn. It’s simplicity is what makes it stand out and I love the choice of white flowers for this exceptionally white dress. Audrey Hepburn would have been proud of Rachel’s elegance.

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post on another 6 of my favorite bridal TV moments. If you have any favorite bridal looks, I would love to hear them! 🙂