Suit Up.

 “Don’t dress for the job you have, but the job you want.” This is a saying that I have heard many times over, and after years of working in the Marketing industry, I find this to be more and more true. I have recently been given the opportunity to change jobs, and alongside many exciting and nervous thoughts rushing through my mind, one thing I know for sure is that I need a new wardrobe! The job I have currently I can get away with a more laid back wardrobe, however, the new company I will be working for is more corporate and I want to make sure I have a wardrobe that shows my professionalism and dedication. I am sure my boyfriend is reading this wide-eyed, frightened of the massive shopping spree I am planning. He needn’t worry though. The great thing about corporate attire is that you just need a few classic invesment pieces that you can mix and match and you’re set!

The show Suits is about lawyers, and as you can imagine, they are extremely well dressed. Jessica Pearson is a talented, big-shot lawyer who dresses the part in every episode. She proves that dressing corporate doesn’t have to be boring. A woman can be successful but look feminine all at once. She proves that woman can make it to the top, and look amazing while doing it. Let’s take a look at Jessica’s fierce outfits throughout the seasons.


I found it only suitable to start off the blog with your “typical” suit. Jessica looks extremely corporate with this 3-piece dark grey suit. However, her necklace definitely adds feminity to the whole look.


Office wear doesn’t only entail wearing suits on a daily basis. It is also very common to wear fitted (but not too fitted) dresses that usually are knee-length. This dress is not just a grey plain dress. The criss cross pattern in the front gives it that extra twist.

Suits - Season 2

A taupe blazer is a wise investment to make simply because it can go with everything. In this scene, Jessica sported an entirely neutral palette look, with a cream top and black skirt, however this blazer can laso have been easilypaired with a fuscia pink shirt with navy pants (just giving an exmaple of many different options).


The LBD (Little Black Dress) isn’t only a must-have for a night out, but the right dress is also perfect for the office. It is subtle but forever classic. And don’t even get me started on that beautiful taupe purse. Great color for summer as well as winter.  

Suits-Jessica-Pearson black and white

An outfit like this screams out sophistication and power. This houndstooth patterned blazer will definitely catch the eye of everyone in your office. What I love about Jessica’s outfits is that there is always a slight twist to the typical office wear. Instead of sporting the classic buttoned down blouse, she wore a scoop neck grey shirt from under to make it different.


This is a difficult color to pull off, however, if you can, this blush pink is a great asset to any wardrobe. It is soft and elegant on your skin and rosy cheeks and lips are the perfect balance for that pop of color.

Suits - Season 2

You cannot dress like a corporate business woman and not have an appropriate jacket to match. Jessica’s nicely fitted black coat with gorgeous neckline is professional and beautiful all at once.

Stay tuned for the continuation on Wednesday of how to pull off that sophisticated corpoate look like Jessica Pearson does so flawlessly!


Looking sharp, Old Sport.

The buzz in the box office has been the much anticipated final release of The Great Gatsby, where Leonardo DiCaprio portrays Mr.Gatsby. Even if I wasn’t head over heels with the story, probably due to high expectations, I still found it to be a beautiful film. With the combination of the soundtrack, amazing fashion, hair, makeup and glamourous parties, it ends up being a movie you can hardly keep your eyes off of. The one thing that kept my eyes particularly wide open was Mr.Gatsby himself. Leo is no doubt a good looking man, but in this particular movie he radiated on-screen with his shy smile and sparkling baby blues.  Typically I would take the time to comment on the women’s outstanding fashion of this film, however, I think old sport here earned a slot in this blog because his suits were definitely noteworthy. Every piece was so clean cut and well designed (all custom designed by Prada), it warrants the mention because a truly stellar job was done. great_gatsby_trailer_leonardo_dicaprio-630x420

Cheers to you Mr.Gatsby. Simple, black and white 3-piece suit done oh-so right with a nice twist to the bow tie with white stitching.



Old sport shows that you can look extremely chic with just a crisp cream sweater and classic silver watch.



He may have been a nervous wreck in this scene, but the unique off white/olive/baby blue suit combination made him look as sophisticated as sophistication gets.



Old Sport demonstrates why this light brown shade for a suit is completely underrated.



Thank you Mr.Gatsby for wearing a baby pink suit and pulling it off. Any man who can do that is grand in my book.