As IF. Part 2.


Clueless is hands down one of my all time favorite movies. It’s funny, quirky and just makes one feel good. Most of us who have grown up with the lingo still refer to the movie til this day. I love meeting another Clueless fan (which is pretty often) because we can bond on the many different scenes and outfits that have remained in our minds. Cher Horowitz considers herself a fashionista and she has every right to considering the amount of clothes she has! She loves clothes and most of all, loves to help people out with their fashion sense. She shows how you can dress well and be put together without losing your identity. I think we would have all loved to have a friend like Cher (mostly because we could borrow anything we wanted). Let’s continue taking a look through her closet to see what is left in store for us!


Britney Spears may have struck the world with her “hit me baby” school girl look but clearly she wasn’t the first to do so. Cher sported the school girl outfit long before Brit-Brit and looked classy doing so (don’t get me wrong, I still love Brit).


Cher looks beautiful in this burgandy sweater dress and matching headband. This color is extemely popular this upcoming season, especially with pants!


I’ll never forget how cool my sister looked when she wore her white t-shirts under a spaghetti strap tank top. Cher sported this look for gym class and she taught us all the lesson that we don’t need to look frumpy while working out (I should learn that lesson).


I wouldn’t wear a beret anytime soon, however Cher’s choice of white shirt with blazer is a sophisticated look and can easily be worn today.


Another fine example of Cher being way ahead of her time! Her sheer top (minus the ruffles) is in so many stores you’d think Cher knew what the 2013 fashion would consist of!


It’s no secret that a red dress catches everyone’s eye. I remember the first time I wore a red dress, it felt…good. Without being over the top, I was wearing something that made a statement. A red dress is a show stopper and an attention grabber and can be worn for a fun event, as much as a classy one. Cher’s red dress caught the attention of many people that night, and unfortunately for her, this robber as well (don’t let this scare you off from wearing a red dress though).


This is actually one of my favorite Cher looks of the movie. It is preppy and just cute. I love the tone of pink of her sweater and headband. Also, her patterned pants would fit right into the wild and funky patterns that have taken up the racks today.


This is probably one of my 5 top favorite scenes of all time. Cher’s simple and adorable outfit with pastel lilac pants (which we see in the summer all the time these last few years) and Josh’s shy smile makes this scene perfection. Not to mention, the perfect kiss that follows. Even til this day, I smile from ear to ear when it happens.

Clueless has and will forever be a fashion forward movie and I have no doubt that in another 18 years from now, I will still love and quote it!


Baby, it’s cold outside.

I just got back from a sunny vacation in California and upon my return I  realized one thing: Fall is officially here. It’s chilly and I find myself pulling out my warmer clothes and shoes. Although it is heartbreaking to say goodbye to summer (cue Summer Sadness from Lana Del Rey), Fall is my favorite season to shop for. The colors and styles are extremely appealing and there’s nothing like rich warm sweaters and beautiful earth tones. Other than boots, I would say shopping for Fall coats is one of my favorite aspects of the season. As said in previous posts, I absolutely love a good coat. It is one of the most important aspects of your wardrobe because unlike your other pieces of clothing, a coat is what someone sees first, and the most of. Choosing a coat should be a well thought out process, where you decide how would you want to be perceived by others around you. Do you want to look cute? Comfortable? Chic? Sporty? The options are endless. What is important is that you decide which coat suits you and your sense of style best.

New Girl is one of my favorite TV shows right now for a number of reasons. Whether it’s because of Jessica Day‘s (played by Zooey Deschanel) quirky personality, or Scmidt (played by Max Greenfield) and Nick Miller’s (played by Jake Johnson) hysterical stories, it has made my Tuesday nights my favorite TV night (sorry Thursdays). Jess is an optimistic, bubbly person who wants her personality to shine through her smile and most importantly, her wardrobe. I have no doubt I will have another post on Jessica’s actual outfits which consists of many adorable skirts and dresses, but for this week I wanted to focus on her coatsSince this is the season where I am thinking about being cozy and trying to look cute all at once, Jessica is the perfect inspiration for that! Her coats range from different colors and cuts but one thing is for sure, everyone can find something they like within her selection! So let’s take a look and see which one you prefer!


Jessica Day is no stranger to getting herself mixed up in tricky situations. Luckily for her, when her car broke down on this breezy Fall day she was sporting her cream coat. The color and weight of the jacet is ideal for those less chilly Fall days (and Spring).


Navy and red is a great color combination and this sophisticated, “first-lady” type of coat proves exactly why. It oozes sophistication and the antique looking big gold button sets off a vintage tone. I would buy this in a heartbeat. 

coat 7-burgandy coat

Keeping it classic and conservative, Jess opted for her burgundy coat with black detailing and buttons for this outing. This coat seems warmer due to its length and ideal for any occasion.       


Who said coats had to have a boring color? Here Jess is wearing one of her many vibrant coats. Without going over the top, this muted teal shows that a classic cut can be paired with a different color to avoid the typical black coat.

coat 9-funny coat

Not everyone would be able to pull off a pyjama with this eccentric looking jacket in a club (and frankly, neither did she), but noone can dispute the fact that she looked adorable. This light checkered jacket with a unique collar isn’t seen often but is feminine due to the way it falls and it’s 3/4 puffier sleeves.

coat 4-wool coat better pic

The pattern of this very cozzy looking coat gives off the casual yet preppy vibe. The big collar makes for a great statement and I would easily see myself using a jacket like this for every day purposes.

We shall continue on Wednesday to look through Jessica Day’s coat choices and hope it doesn’t get any colder outside until then!

Pretty Little Fashionista. Part 2.


Spencer Hastings (played by Troian Bellisario) may not be the shyest girl in Pretty Little Liars but her style is the perfect balance of subtle sophisticated upper class with comfort chic. Just because she is the brains of the group doesn’t mean her clothes are nothing to notice. She clearly uses her wits to figure out who is out to get her, as well as to choose a great wardrobe along the way. Let’s continue to take a look what other goodies she has in her closet!



I wouldn’t have necessarily paired this dress with this blazer but when I saw it on Spencer I thought it was cute. Key is to never assume something doesn’t go together. Sometimes just trying something on makes you change your mind!


Seeing this sweater vest makes me want to just curl up in front of a fire and get all cozy. It looks super comfortable and the colors give it a little pazazz (not to mention the lion on the back). Everyone should get a big comfy sweater like this for those chillier days!


Preppy at it’s best. A cardigan with a bow belt addition is adorable, even without that shirt she added from under. Without it it’ll give off a simpler look, but with it the preppiness is on a whole other level.

pretty little liars  fashion spencer troian belassario

I like to call this look boho chic. She has that bohemian look going on with her beaded necklace and hair band, however the look itself is polished and put together. This sheer top has proven to be useful to Spencer for she has been seen wearing it in another episode as well!


This is the exact coat I am looking for this Fall. Leather sleeves and a khaki or biege coat with a big collar. I love the zippers and leather sleeves are something we will see everywhere this upcoming season!


I am a sucker for this look. I love it’s elegance and simplicity of it. It is one of my favorites because the white shirt and nude shoes are perfectly combined with this sweet cardigan. Also her side braid is beautiful and it is something I want to do more often once my hair has grown a bit longer.

Spencer’s classy and simple style makes me want to go out and buy even more cardigans than I already own. Preppy doesn’t mean geeky and she is showing people why. If Spencer has taught me anything is that no matter what clothes you wear, the sexiest part of a woman is being smart (and to not trust anyone who signs their texts “A”).

This Means Style­.

Let me just start off by saying that it’s pretty obvious why you should watch This Means War. With no words needed, I will simply state my argument with this one picture:


How can you say no to watching a movie like this, with 2 leading men who look like that? All jokes aside (although that wasn’t entirely a joke), this movie was surprisingly pleasant. It has a bit of everything: humour, love, suspence and fashion. The very lucky Lauren (played by the adorable Reese Witherspoon) is pursued by two gorgeous CIA operatives, who happen to be best friends. Lauren decides to play the field a bit and date both of them at the same time. While she is having (what I can only imagine to be) the time of her life, she is dressed the part of a wanted woman. From beginning to end her style remains feminine with bold colors and simple cuts.



On her first date with the swoon-worthy Tuck (played by Tom Hardy) she decided to be the southern belle she truly is and  pair a cute mini navy dress with red peep-toe heels. This is great for an early supper because although still appealing to the eye, the ruffles on the dress suggest a more innocent daytime approach.


For her first date with FDR (played by the very charming Chris Pine), Lauren took a completely different direction and went for the sexy/sultry look. There is just something so mysterious and enticing about wearing black on black. She matched her Hervé Leger dress with a smokey eye and to add the slightest of pop color, she wore my dream shoe:  black Louboutin peep-toe pumps.


This character is biased towards simple styles and bold colors. This outfit is no exception. This adorable red, slightly over-the-knee wrap dress is perfect for the office at work, but the bubbly sleeves  add femininity to the cut and make it great for a night out for supper.


If you don’t know how popular denim shirts are nowadays, then you haven’t entered a mall in a while! Denim tops have broken the mold and are now accepted in society. They go great with jeans(different color prefarably), regular pants and skirts (my favorite combination is a denim top with my red pants or skirt).

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post on the second part of Lauren’s style review from This Means War. Until then enjoy your evening while popping some popcorn and dancing to “This is how we do it” from Montell Jordan ( like Lauren did, in a very comfortable looking oversized grey grandfather sweater.


Pretty Woman, walking down the street.


If Roy Orbison’s song popped in your head, then you are ready for this post. It’s time for Pretty Woman. It is one of my favorite movies because this 1990’s Cinderella tale had it all: humour, love  and most importantly, fashion.

red blazer

When someone thinks of this movie, this is the outfit that pops to mind first. There are definitely aspects of the look that can be worn today (in a non-prostitute kind of way). The black over the knee boots and the men’s cut blazer are exceptionally popular and look like they will be considered staples in our society for women.

The main attraction: The blazer may be a few sizes too big, even for a man, but the cut and color palette is something I would choose. Not to mention, the fact that the lapels are black reinforce its classic look (a white blazer with black lapels is also a very sought out item of today).



A memorable scene of the movie is when we get a first glimpse of Viviane in a beautiful short black lace dress while she was waiting for Edward in the bar lobby. A little black dress is a necessity in every girl’s closet. There are so many different variations of it which makes it all the more fun to shop for. Lace dresses are found in every store today and have taken the LBD to the next level.

The main attraction: I love the detailed neckline of this dress. Looks like a necklace when in fact it is attached to the dress itself. It adds an accessory without going over the top. With a neckline like this it is easy to keep hair up, as well as down, but it’s important to follow in Viviane’s footsteps and keep earrings relatively simple and small.

     pretty-woman-1990-10-gpretty woman Julia Roberts look

This is one of my favorite scenes of the movie. Viviane is about to live most girls dream: a shopping spree where she can shop til she literally dropped. The world was her oyster and no salesperson here was about to give her any attitude! How many of you have actually wanted to go into a store with 100 bags in your hands and tell a salesperson “Big mistake. Big. Huge!”? I know I have reeneacted this scene in my head on more than one occasion.

So many outfits she is trying on are noteworthy but it’s what she starts off in what catches my eye. The androgynous look is again present in this outfit when wearing Edwards top (lucky her) as a tie front and sporting her modern stud bracelets.

The main attraction: There is almost nothing I value more than a white shirt. I love that a crisp white shirt (especially a men’s cut) can look so good on a woman. Something as professional as this can also be dressed down and will be just as timeless in another 20 years from now.

Stay tuned on Wednesday for the rest of Pretty Woman’s looks review and admiration!