This Means Fashion.

I can name 3 good reasons why you should watch This Means War: Tom Hardy, Chris Pine and fashion. If the men weren’t eye candy enough, Lauren (played by Reeese Witherspoon) has one amazing sense of style and each outfit is as appealing to the eye as are Chris Pine’s baby blues.


Lauren is a professional woman and she makes sure to dress like it. This brown tie dress and burgundy purse is an interesting combination that I normally wouldn’t have thought of, but it works! Combining colors in the same palette is a great way to match without using complimentary colors.


You all know how I feel about a good red dress. It pops and is perfect for day time as well as night. This fitted t-shirt style dress is great for a date when you don’t want to seem too overdressed. Zippers always add a casual funky aspect to a piece (but you want to make sure to not overdo them either). 


My favorite look of the entire movie: this white lace dress, with a navy blazer and nude pumps. Navy and nude is probably my favorite color combination of all time and the white lace adds a feminine, sophisticated touch. This look is appropriate for a date, or even a bigger event like a christening or engagement party.



I love how she can have such different looks in this movie. From cute and sweet to ultra sexy, this look definitely fits in the latter categorie. A short leather black skirt with a sheer black top demonstrates confidence and is a sure fire bet to impress your date. Also, you can never go wrong with the classic black Christian Louboutin shoes (with a slingback twist)!


Lauren demonstrates here that brown and black do in fact go well together. A simple black tank and black pants with a dark brown biker jacket makes her look like a CIA agent herself. Opting for a brown jacket instead of the typical black breaks down the color scheme without making anything stand out too much.

No doubt about it Lauren covered all bases of fashion from cute and feminine to sexy and sultry. She demonstrated that bold colors and simple cuts with no patterns can still make a strong statement. She clearly had taste when it came to clothes, and men! And I won’t be spoiling as to who she chooses at the end of the movie, that’s something you’ll have to find out for yourself!


Interview with a celebrity look-alike.

As I was waiting in Tim Hortons for my interview with my friend Maria Asimacopoulos, I was looking pretty drab due to my worst enemy: humidity. Next thing I know Maria walks in with a cute white and pink striped long sleeve top and her hair pulled up in a bun. At that moment I immediately knew I made the right decision on who I wanted to get their insight of their favorite present onscreen looks. I know my share of tv shows and movies, but Maria is a close runner up on her knowledge. Most importantly, I look to her for fashion advice because of her great sense of style and her background in Fashion Marketing.


When asked who was her main tv show/movie starlet inspiration she didn’t have to think about it for long: Rachel Berry from Glee. Having known Maria for a couple of years now, one thing I can count on is that she is often told she looks like Miss Berry. Naturally Maria finds  this extremely flattering because not only is she a huge fan of the show and loves the character (and actress) but she considers her a very big fashion inspiration. She explained to me that from Season 1 to Season 4, Rachel Berry has had a serious fashion transformation. What differentiates her style from the seasons I asked, “Season 1 she was focused on being cute and feminine, whereas in Season 4 she has entered womanhood and focuses on sexier, more form fitting pieces.” From A to Z, Rachel Berry has covered all bases from cute and innocent, to sexy and sultry and Maria has been inspired along the way. “She is my hairspiration” Maria added, noting that on top of loving her wardrobe, she also loves her hair. “Rachel has a soft ombré look which I really want to do one day”, Maria eagerly voiced. I can’t help but wonder if Rachel Berry is the new Rachel Greene in terms of being a hairspiration to many young girls out there!

Chic in Black and White.


I asked her to name me some of her favorite RB outfits which led to an endless list. She boiled it down to three (not an easy task since there are so many nice ones). For the first look she settled on this bicolor shorts/vneck sweater look that she replicated almost exactly. What she loves about this outfit is that it’s extremely simple, yet sexy and sophisticated and has some edge with the high black leather boots. Instead of the shorts, she wore a black and white mini skirt, with the same pattern. She channeled Rachel Berry that night (minus the singing) and I can vouch for her that she looked absolutely incredible in that outfit!

Pretty in Pink…and Lace. 


Another one of her favorite looks is this beautiful fuschia pink lace dress Rachel wore for a wedding. “I really love the color of this dress. It is so punchy, and the lace adds class a lot of class.” Often lace dresses are found in muted colors like black and white, but this adds a nice spin to a typical lace dress. For a recent wedding Maria attended, she took a page out of Rachel’s book and decided to wear a head turning vibrant orange/red lace dress. In my opinion, she looked even better than Miss Berry herself!

Soft and Simple.


Lastly, Maria stated that Rachel Berry blew people’s minds away with her prom dress. “At this point we were still used to her being cute and adorable so when she wore this dress, it was definitely shocking.” She further explained that the soft subtle pink is a great contrast with her skin tone and dark hair. “The mermaid cut and details on the dress are simple yet when put all together, make a memorable gown.” Maria hasn’t had the opportunity to wear a dress like this but will definitely aspire to and will hopes to find an event to mimic the stunning look.

So keep an eye out for a very fashionable Rachel Berry look-alike while you walk down the street, you will now know who it is!