Xoxo. Part 2.


Having only 2 posts about Blair Waldorf (played by Leighton Meester) from Gossip Girl has proven to be very difficult. Not only has she previously appeared in other posts like “Dot.Me.Crazy.” and “Here Comes The Bride“, but having only 2 posts about her this week is nearly impossible considering the amount of outfits I had to choose from. This simply means I will have to write about her again some other time because there is just so much fashion inspiration flowing from her images! It makes me want to just go out and refresh my wardrobe and fill it up with colorful patterns, and buy a different headband for every outfit I own!

At first glance you think between her and Serena Van Der Woodsen (played by Blake Lively) she’s the one with the preppier style. This may be true, but throughout the seasons, a burst of patterns and colors overload came forth and it came to the point that we sometimes forgot we were watching a tv show, and not a fashion show. Each outfit was a surprise and you never knew what to expect. Needless to say, the outfits we will review here are definitely unique and note-worthy.


We all know how much I love a good coat, and this one is no exception. A cream coat is something I would love to own one day, but due to my extreme clumsiness I am not sure how quite feasible that is because I will probably dirty it within a week! Regardless, it oozes sophistication and I love that she matched it with a white scarf. Instead of going the colorful route, she chose to stay monochromatic and classy.


This is the colorful Blair we know. This floral pink dress is adorable and her fuscia pink head accessory is something that we all can’t pull off, but definitely worth the try because the results would be unforgettable!


As I mentioned previously, she was also reviewed in my post about polka dots, but not for this dress. Clearly, the girl like her dots. Considering she gears towards the preppy side it is no surprise that she would. This elegant under-the-knees dress sinched at the waist is ideal for a number of occasions. It’s simplicity is classic, but not boring because the polka dots add a bit of personality to it.


One of my favorite Blair outfits is one I can’t pull off, unfortunately. Her slender legs looks amazing in this patterned stocking and short dress. The little poncho is the sweetest touch to this boho chic look.


This may be a little tropic for your taste, but we all know she looks adorable. The cut of the dress is something I would wear 100%, whereas the pattern I feel like I would be a tad out of place in Montreal. However, if I were in a warmer climate, on vacation, I could definitely see myself sporting it! Sometimes it’s not so much what event, but also, what area!

All About My Brother

Navy and red is one of my favorite color combinations and this sailor-esque outfit of Blair’s is an eye catcher. I love the headband (no surprise there) and the preppiness of it all!


Is this black dress gorgeous? Yes. Are the eccentric sleeve detailings unique? Yes. But what really stands out the most for me is the amazing broach Blair decided to add onto her dress. We don’t see broaches enough on younger women and it is because they have been labelled as an older woman’s accessory. Let’s band together and get rid of this stereotype! Broaches are cool and classy and add that perfect amount of bling to a relatively simple outfit. Broach lovers unite!


This coat is one of my favorites. It is sophisticated and timeless and the color is something we don’t see often enough. And the fact that she wore ruffle socks make her look like a sweet young girl.

From cute to sexy, modern to timeless, Blair Waldorf has done it all and it is time for all of us to get inspired! She may have the means to purchase herself these items of clothing, but it is her fierceness and confidence that makes them look as good as they do on her! A tip we can all learn from. xoxo




Describing Blair Waldorf‘s (played by Leighton Meester) from Gossip Girl‘s fashion, is like describing a very abstract painting that is nearly impossible to understand. To say her style is complex is the understatement of the century, But is it beautiful? The answer is YES. Every outfit is attention-grabbing and makes you wonder “How did they come up with that?!”. Even the ones that make you cringe a little bit have a piece that is absolutely breathtaking. There are definitely many outfits that I wouldn’t be caught dead in, however, she pulls each one off because of her captivating confidence and sly smile. Money may have bought her these clothes, but she makes them look good because she knows how to.

For a long time Sex and the City rulled as the tv show with the most fashion forward style. However, as the reigning SATC went off the air it was inevitable that a few short years after that another show would take over and bridge the gap once again between television and the runway. Gossip Girl did not only make our fashion taste buds tingle, but the storylines were intense and the plot kept on thickening as to who was Gossip Girl (don’t worry-for those who still plan to watch it one day, you will find no spoilers here).

Pattern over pattern is usually Blair’s signature look, along with colorful stockings, beautiful hats, matching headbands and striking colors. Subtlety is definitely not her forte and there’s nothing wrong with that, because even if you don’t want your outfit to make as much of a statement as Blair’s usually did, you can still learn a tip or two from this bossy fashionista who rules the Upper East Side of New York City.


This is a look I would literally copy/paste on myself if I could. The black bow is extremely feminine and her sheer cream top with black lace detailing in the front is great for many occasions such as work, and supper.


This beautiful gold based dress with interesting pattern is definitely a head turner. The flower necklace is definitely a bit over the top, but on her, it looks perfection. In my opinion the clutch doesn’t match at all with the dress, however, the clutch itself is beautiful with the navy / white / red combo and I would buy it in an instant.


That’s the Blair we all know and love (to hate?). Her beautiful green coat is combined with a flashy yellow purse and pumps. Over the top? Maybe to some, but for Blair, it’s just right.


I went to a private school and let me tell you, my uniform did not look like this! She has made her uniform completely her own with this beautiful ruffled white top and pearl bracelets.


Colorblocking at it’s finest. A beautiful combination of a purple satin skirt, and teal shirt. Colors I wouldn’t normally combine but now that I have seen it, I’ll make sure to try it!

Blair red coat

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that a red coat has always been on my “must buy” list, therefore it is no surprise that Blair would wear one as well. Also, her plaid matching flats are amazing and perfect for the fall!


We all know fruit and animal patterns have become more and more popular the last few years so it is no surprise someone as preppy and fashionable as Blair would wear something splattered in big cherries. This sweet sleeveless top is perfect for a sunny summer day and the beret makes me want to all of a sudden own a beret.


A white dress (as I have mentioned in several posts) is elegant and feminine. Blair’s mini dress with criss cross neck detailing is beautiful and it wouldn’t be a Blair outfit if she didn’t wear a matching headband.

As I mentioned, even if you won’t mimick every inch of her outfits, a little inspiration never hurt anyone, and there is definitely a lot of detailing to her outfits and looks we can get inspired by! Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post as we go further into the complex fashion world of Miss Waldorf! xoxo




Polka dots have been around since the dawn of time but as of late we have seen them take a bigger spot (get it?) on and off the small screen. Last post we went over the basic polka dot options and how they can make a relatively simple outfit or a piece of wardrobe more feminine and unique. Now it’s time to take it up a knotch and see how a polka dot is much more than what meets the eye, how it’s elaborate variations are endless!

Pic3-polka dots and patterns

The polka dot with pattern combo: People tend to stick with one pattern at a time, but these women show  that you shouldn’t be scared to combine patterns, because it can result in a pretty awesome outfit! Blair Waldorf (from Gossip Girl), Mindy Kaling (from The Mindy Project) and Tamara (from Awkward) demonstrate that sometimes you should go outside of the box when creating an outfit. Combining patterns can sometimes lead to an overall overwhelming design but these are great examples of how it should be done. Whether it is with stripes, floral, or tweed, adding a polka dot piece to these can often portray a well put together look!  

Pic8-different sized polka dots

The different sized polka dots: Who said that when you sport a polka dot pattern you need to stick to just the one size? Hanna Marin (From Pretty Little Liars), Carrie Bradshaw (from The Carrie Diaries), and Polly (from How to Live With Your Parents) demonstrate how choosing a polka dot does not  limit you to the size. They are all sporting outfits that have a number of different sizes which creates a nice pattern within the pattern.

Pic9-feminine polka dots

The Girly Polka Dot: Ruffles and bows have become a common factor in many womens shirts today. It gives off an air of ultra-femininity and sophistication. What would be a “boring” outfit has now taken a nice spin. Emma Pillsbury (from Glee), Megan Calvet (from Mad Men), Annie Edison (from Community) and Paige (from Royal Pains) did just so with either having a bow or ruffles on their shirts and blouses.


Pic7-unique dresses

The funky polka dot: After the polka dot has altered so many simple outfits it was time it got real funky and distorted itself in many different ways. Whether it is with lace, oversized polka dots, or infused with a color block dress, it can look completely different right before your eyes. Santana (from Glee), Belle (from Once Upon a Time) and Annabeth (from Hart of Dixie) are the perfect examples on how you can make the simple pattern get a little crazy.


The polka dot coat: We don’t see a polka dot coat very often and I am not sure why because this is absolutely stunning! Zoe Hart (from Hart of Dixie) is wearing a relatively simple outfit, which wouldn’t normally catch your eye, but with a gold and black polka dot coat, it is hard to miss her! A fun way to dress up an outfit and add a ton of personality.

Now that we have reviewed the interesting different ways one can integrate polka dots into their wardrobe, I hope to be seeing more in yours! And whenever you’re in doubt, just ask yourself “Can a little polka dot do me any harm?” and the answer is no! Polka dot away!

Here Comes the Bride. Part 2.



Ah summertime. BBQ’s, swimming, terrasses, and you guessed right, weddings! Yes, tis the season and I am sure I am not alone in having to attend more than one. Weddings for me mean I get to dress up, dance and eat a ridiculous amount of food. The main thing I look forward to however is finally getting to see what look the bride decided to go for. From the hair, to makeup and dress, every decision greatly affects your overall look and what kind of bride you want to be.

We have often witnessed our favorite characters getting hitched on television and more often than not it is a very joyous occasion. On Monday I went over some of my favorite TV show looks and here are some other looks and moments I have adored from the past and present.


This was simply some foreshadowing, but seeing Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother in her beautiful mermaid wedding gown was such a delight. From the crystal belt to the sheer neckline and sleeves, this bridal look oozes old Hollywood with a modern twist.


When Phoebe Buffay from Friends tied the knot with the adorable Mike (who was one of my favorite significant others of any TV show) her look was not at all suprising. Considering how funky and different her style was on a daily basis, her going the untraditional route with the non-white dress was expected. She stayed true to herself and looked beautiful with her deep ivory corset gown and multicolored wild-floral bouquet.

charlotte wedding

Second time’s a charm. Or at least that was the case for Charlette York-Goldenblatt from Sex and the City when she married the love of her life, Harry Goldenblatt. She converted to Judaism to be with the man she loved and her wedding look the second time around was absolutely breathtaking. This feminine, very defined gown with a fine criss-cross chest detailing left us all in awe. Her crisp white vail and romantic curls with red lips allowed for a classic look and even though the ceremony didn’t go exactly as planned, they lived a very happily ever after!


Mr. and Mrs. Chanandler Bong finally tied the knot, and what a glorious day it was! When Monica Gellar and Chandler Bing got married on Friends, fans couldn’t be happier (besides, it was refreshing to see someone else other than Ross say “I do” for a change). Monica’s low v, fitted, satin gown was perfect for her relatively simple style, and her down-to-the-floor length vail was just enough to add a little something to the basic yet beautiful gown. The deep red bouquet keeps up with the classic essence of her bridal look.  


If anyone was going to pull off the different bridal look it would be Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl. Always trying to set themselves apart in the fashion world, their wedding day would be no exception. This being Blair’s second wedding she wanted to go for a light baby blue beaded gown with a beautiful train, and maintained her princess tiara (as per her first wedding). On the other hand, Serena who was always known to be a bit excentric, opted for an as gold-as-you-can-get strapless ball gown. They may not look like your typical brides but their personalities shone through and looked stunning nonetheless.  


Last but definitely not least: Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence from Boy Meets World. One of the most adorable couples that took over our childhood because we literally watched they grow and fall in love together. This being the 90’s, obviously Topanga’s dress is slightly outdated, however long sleeve gowns are making a comeback (i.e. The Duchess, Kate Middleton). It is an understated look that can go a long way, and I dont doubt we will be seeing more of it!

No matter what style and look you opt for on your big day, remember to have your own personal taste make an appearance. And when looking for a dress keep in mind of one thing: you won’t know how it will look on you, until you try it! You could be very pleasantly surprised!