500 Days of Fashion.


One of my favorite movies of all time is hands down: 500 Days Of Summer. If you haven’t seen it, I strongly recommend it. And if you write it off because you think of it as your typical chick flick, stop right there, because even my boyfriend (who I forced to watch it) liked it! Great acting, humor, amazing soundtrack….there’s literally nothing I hated about it. And if you think it is a love story you are wrong, because as the narrator says in the beginning: this is not a love story.

I see I have spiked your interest. Good! I am hoping after you read this post you go out and rent this movie (do people still rent movies?) or download it (more likely)! It’ll make you sad, happy, hopeful and peaceful all at once. You go through a roller coaster of emotions because it is at it’s core, relatable. You feel Tom‘s (played by the adorable Joseph Gordon-Levitt) pain and joy and you get chills from Summer‘s (played by Zooey Deschanel) cold demeanor.

Along with the complete adorableness of this movie, Summer’s style is sweet and feminine. A mixture of Mad Men looks and school girl, it may not be for everyone but there are definite tips and styles we can all take from her style and be inspired by. A very common theme in this movie which I am sure you will notice is the color blue. The color scheme in general is muted, even with Tom’s adorable fashion choices, but blue is something we see very often on Summer. It may be due to her big blue eyes, or just because they wanted to keep a similar color pattern throughout the entire movie. Whatever the reason is, it works and I enjoyed every look of this movie! Time to open up Summer’s wardrobe and see what she wore throughout this delightful film.


This is a look I am often seen in in the summertime: a flowy skirt (sinched at the waist) and a simple tank top. It’s feminine and most importantly, comfortable. One time while wearing this I added a ribbon in my hair and a short cardigan. It felt like I was straight out of the movie “Grease“. May have been a little overkill.


Highwaisted pants have become more and more apparent in today’s fashion and it’s because they can offer a modern spin on an old fashioned style. They ooze sophistication and flatter many different body types.


Having gone to a private highschool myself I can relate to this look very well. There are definitely different variations of this look (i.e. promiscuous Britney Spears) but this is a way to pull it off without being inappropriate. All you need is a plain white shirt, with a sweater (sleeves or no sleeves are fine) and a skirt that falls at the knees. A+ for you Summer!


Whoever said vests were out of style is wrong, and Summer proves why. A vest can be an unique addition to a look. Without the vest this navy top and grey pants would’ve been a great ensemble, but the vest adds a bit more personality.


Another sweet example of a Summer look (and in blue, no surprise there). The detailing of this dress differentiates it from a typical dress, and the navy bow  in the hair adds the perfect touch.


Navy and green are the color palettes rare couple. They go so well together and yet you rarely see someone pair a nice navy skirt or pants, with a green top. Summer did this perfectly, and added a neutral jacket to the mix to refrain from having an outfit that is too busy.


I have said it before that a simple white shirt is a must in every person’s closet, however if you are the type to find this look boring, you can do what Summer did and add a broach or clip, like her Butterfly one! Adds just the right amount of personality to a rather simple outfit (and might I add, the butterfly is blue). Besides who said earrings and necklaces are the only thing you can put on to spruce up your look?

Stay tuned for the continuation of this post on Wednesday as we rummage through Summer’s closet some more. If I haven’t convinced you yet to watch this movie, maybe my favorite scene will get you to watch it! How could it not?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tJoIaXZ0rw


Crazy, Stupid, Oh-so-hot, Love. Part 2.


A man in a suit (or overall well-dressed) is something I appreciate very much, and I am almost certain I am not the only one. “Crazy, Stupid, Love” is one of those movies that captures everything : love, laughter, sadness and surprise. On top of all this, the women and men had a great sense of style that just made the entire movie all the more pleasant for the eyes.

Jacob Palmer (played by Ryan Gosling) and Cal Weaver (played by Steve Carell) show us exactly why a man should hold in high regards the way he dresses himself.


The same rules for suits apply also tothe casual look: simple is better. A simple grey shirt does the job on looking comfy and laid back.  


This is probably my favorite Jacob look of the movie. I’m a huge fan of navy, and an even bigger fan when it is combined with brown or beige. This tan / navy color combination catches the eye and makes a statement. Have you ever seen anyone look as good eating a pizza than him?


End of school year means one thing: summer is on it’s way. And Cal welcomes summer with open arms in this light grey suit with a white blouse. Clean, crisp, and ideal color combination for the warmer days.



It was time for Jacob to go a tad out of the box and opted for a rich brown / burgundy suit. His shirt is simple which gives room for the suit to be the main component. Still remaining in the neutral tones, this is a suit color you rarely see, but definitely works!

Crazy Stupid Love Movie

In this scene Cal followed in Jacob’s mighty fine foot steps and sported a navy suit. This type of navy is a bit brighter but balances out great with the black shirt. Such a great look especially for dark-haired men. Jacob goes for the more casual approach and opts for a simple black v-neck sweater which works just as well as one of his suits. These men are clearly ready for a night out!

So as the old saying goes, if you want to look the part, you’ve got to dress the part. A confident man wears his clothes with ease, but also feels confident on the inside. And I want to take a moment to personally thank Ryan Gosling for looking like this. He’s made me, and many others out there, a very happy person. 🙂


Crazy, Stupid, Oh-so-hot, Love.


Love is a many splendid thing, as they say, that can change your life from one moment to the next. “Crazy, Stupid, Love” shows different aspects of love in a most entertaining way and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A big reason why I enjoyed it as much as I did probably has something to do with the ever-so-charming Ryan Gosling who plays Jacob Palmer, the wealthy womanizer who takes Cal Weaver (played by Steve Carell) under his wing and teaches him how to act and dress like a man.

In today’s society, men often think they need to spruce up their look by adding some funky colors to their outfits and suits. I, on the other hand believe that by staying in overall neutral tones is the best way to go in order to stay sophisticated, classy and irresistible. That’s exactly what Jacob Palmer does in this movie. He made most of us women (and some men no doubt) stare in awe at his flawless sense of style and drool just a little bit (or was that just me?). Jacob was the ultimate mentor and therefore Cal deserves some limelight as well because his style goes from drab to fab in no time thanks to Jacob! Even though the women of this movie also had a great wardrobe, it’s time to take a close look to the men who lit up the big screen and our hearts.


He….He….Um…Ok Sorry, got distracted for a moment just mindlessly staring at this work of art. Shy but confident smile, styled hair and a great suit, who can resist this?! Sometimes keeping it sleek and simple is key to a great look. Black with pin stripes and a white shirt is all Jacob needed to get a lucky lady’s attention that night.


Dark tones is the way to go to give off that mysterious look. A dark grey suit and black blouse gives off the laid back and ready to mingle approach which is great for a night out on the town.

carell gosling

This was Cal’s first day as a new well-dressed man. This is a great way to still dress up, but without actually wearing your stereoptypical suit. A suede blazer is a key item to invest in for Fall and Winter.


Another prime example of Jacob using nothing but neutral tones to end up with a breathtaking look. This is actually one of my favorite color combinations for a suit: a medium toned grey suit with a black blouse. To make this outfit even better, it’s a 3-piece suit which as men get older, this should be a staple in their closet.


At parent-teacher night obviously Cal won’t wear a suit, but he still dressed to impress for the occasion. A semi-casual look consisting of a blouse under a dark v-neck sweater and a great looking jacket of the same tone made his wife question why she left him in the first place.


This perfectly fitted (not too tight, not too loose) thin polo is a great combination of casual and dressed up. Without wearing the suit, he still looks put together. Furthermore, that light brown leather watch is the ideal timeless piece.

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post on the review of the handsome men of “Crazy, Stupid, Love”. Do you love a man in a suit as much as I do?

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Part 2­.

Bridesmaids annie and helen

The hilariously funny movie “Bridesmaids” had it all: laughs, love, fights, sports, friendships and last but not least, fashion. Annie (played by Kristen Wiig) and her arch nemesis Helen (played by Rose Byrne) both had very different styles but both women left an impression on me. On Monday we reviewed Annie’s simple and modest feminine style that didn’t break her wallet. Today it is time for Helen to step up to the plate with her expensive looking, haute couture wardrobe, which matched her glamourous, high society, fashionista personality. Who will be crowned bridesmaid of the ball? Let’s find out!

Film Title: Bridesmaids

When we caught a first glimpse of Helen in this breathtaking black gown I know we all felt as jealous as Annie did. The lovely beaded sheer detailing on the upper body of this gown is quite impressive. She wore this for her friends engagement party which some would say is way over the top, but for Helen, it is right up her ally, making sure all eyes are on her. I always thought that this dress in white would make a lovely wedding dress as well.


This lovely cream dress with unique short sleeves is one of my dream outfits. She kept everything in neutral tones, including her long beaded necklace and stood out from the rest of the women for this day of bridesmaids dress shopping.


As opposed to Annie, when travelling Helen had one thing in mind and that’s to look nothing but her best. Comfort wasn’t a priority for her since she wore this metallic light blue skirt and top with a gold jacket and heels when flying to Vegas. Who needs comfort when you look this good? 

Film Title: Bridesmaids

This scene was actually cut from the movie but it’s one of my favorite Helen outfits. A very old Hollywood look with the white big sunglasses and this beautiful beige jacket. This look keeps up with Helen’s neutral tone wardrobe which is fitting to her personlity since she always liked to keep things polished.

Choosing my favorite bridesmaid wasn’t an easy task! They both had a great sense of style and chose outfits that matched their personalities. Helen, the conservative classy woman chose to spend extra money on her wardrobe, selecting stand out pieces with neutral palettes and clean lines. Annie on the other hand went for the cuter approach with sweet summer dresses and colorful blazers. Her lean legs allowed her to wear shorter dresses and showed that she had a very fun personlity!

The ideal wardrobe would be to combine the two together! You can have cute and feminene one day and sophisticated and womanly the next. However, if I HAD to choose, the winner would be: Megan (played by Melissa Mccarthy). That’s right-I chose the most ill-dressed character of the movie. Why you ask? It’s simple: Megan may have been the worst dressed out of all the bridesmaids but not only was she my favorite character but she also showed that no matter what you wear or what you do, you can always be a confident lady. She demonstrated that by always sporting her pearls, having her nails done and having the fiercest confidance every woman should. Thank you Megan for the great laughs and showing us that a little pazazz never hurt anyone! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eTaP3vBUqg


Pretty Woman, walking down the street. Part 2.

Pretty woman has become an all-time classic love story. From Viviane’s laugh to Edward’s shy smile and salt and pepper hair, the movie has it all even 23 years later. Viviane’s style transitions drastically throughout the movie, starting off as a woman of the night, and ending up as a sophisticated lady.


Viviane just had her crazy shopping spree and is strutting down the street with so much confidence. People can’t keep their eyes off of her and it’s obvious why. Look at that outfit! The gloves may be a bit much but she is definitely making it work.

The main attraction: Nothing says sophistication like the simple combination of black and white (and Miss Chanel would definitely agree with me on that one).


This was actually one of my favorite looks of the movie. This  type of look is perfect for any “fancy” not-too-formal daytime event.

The main attraction: The cut of the dress is one of my favorite styles on most women. It sinches at the waist with the belt and hides most problem areas. Also, who can say no to a good old polka dot dress. It’s timeless and adorable all at once!


This scene is probably one of the most timeless in cinema. Her laugh is genuine and contagious and she looks absolutely stunning in this red gown and white glove ensemble.

The main attraction: You usually see red lips worn with a black attire or something a bit more toned down, however not in this scene. I love that she chose to do a red poppy lip with her vibrant red dress. It makes a statement and definitely catches your eye.


This isn’t the same Viviane we were introduced to in the beginning of the movie. She oozes class and sophistication in this scene with her 2 piece shorts-pant suit and white silk shirt.

The main attraction: As opposed to some of the other looks of the movie, this outfit is a tad outdated. However it’s not so much the style that attracted me, but the color. Salmon pink is known to be the most universally flattering color. It suits all hair colors (good example is Viviane’s red vibrant hair) and skin tones.


Alas, all good things must come to an end. Viv decided to end things on a high note with her very modern black blazer/white t-shirt combo. A look that’ll stay stylish for a very long time.

The main attraction: A black blazer is the most solid investment you can make for your wardrobe. You can dress it up as well as down and the same cut can be wearable for several years (I bought my black blazer from Zara in 2009 and it is still good today!).

If Viviane taught us anything it is no matter what beautiful pieces of clothing you wear, the most important accessory you can have is your smile. Hers won over everyone’s heart (including Edwards) and it’s never too late to add  yours to any one of your outfits!

Pretty Woman, walking down the street.


If Roy Orbison’s song popped in your head, then you are ready for this post. It’s time for Pretty Woman. It is one of my favorite movies because this 1990’s Cinderella tale had it all: humour, love  and most importantly, fashion.

red blazer

When someone thinks of this movie, this is the outfit that pops to mind first. There are definitely aspects of the look that can be worn today (in a non-prostitute kind of way). The black over the knee boots and the men’s cut blazer are exceptionally popular and look like they will be considered staples in our society for women.

The main attraction: The blazer may be a few sizes too big, even for a man, but the cut and color palette is something I would choose. Not to mention, the fact that the lapels are black reinforce its classic look (a white blazer with black lapels is also a very sought out item of today).



A memorable scene of the movie is when we get a first glimpse of Viviane in a beautiful short black lace dress while she was waiting for Edward in the bar lobby. A little black dress is a necessity in every girl’s closet. There are so many different variations of it which makes it all the more fun to shop for. Lace dresses are found in every store today and have taken the LBD to the next level.

The main attraction: I love the detailed neckline of this dress. Looks like a necklace when in fact it is attached to the dress itself. It adds an accessory without going over the top. With a neckline like this it is easy to keep hair up, as well as down, but it’s important to follow in Viviane’s footsteps and keep earrings relatively simple and small.

     pretty-woman-1990-10-gpretty woman Julia Roberts look

This is one of my favorite scenes of the movie. Viviane is about to live most girls dream: a shopping spree where she can shop til she literally dropped. The world was her oyster and no salesperson here was about to give her any attitude! How many of you have actually wanted to go into a store with 100 bags in your hands and tell a salesperson “Big mistake. Big. Huge!”? I know I have reeneacted this scene in my head on more than one occasion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jT5rMvo3Clc

So many outfits she is trying on are noteworthy but it’s what she starts off in what catches my eye. The androgynous look is again present in this outfit when wearing Edwards top (lucky her) as a tie front and sporting her modern stud bracelets.

The main attraction: There is almost nothing I value more than a white shirt. I love that a crisp white shirt (especially a men’s cut) can look so good on a woman. Something as professional as this can also be dressed down and will be just as timeless in another 20 years from now.

Stay tuned on Wednesday for the rest of Pretty Woman’s looks review and admiration!