…On the playground where I spent most of my days.


Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. When someone hears those words they immediately think of laughter, good times and for the most part, the 90’s. It is one of the best comedic series to date and each and every character has a big part as to why. From Will’s crazy Philly attitude, to Carlton’s dancing (which I don’t want to brag, but I imitate it exceptionally well), to Jeffrey’s cold antics, everyone played a pivotal role in the series. One character in particular was a handful with her signature line “Daddy, can I have $500?”. You guessed correctly: Hilary Banks (played by Karyn Parsons). Hilary was classy, sophisticated and well a tad snobby, but with that she was also always well dressed. One thing she was not known for is her humility as per this photo shows.

hilary 4

However, we loved her nonetheless. The show ended in 1996 and therefore the fashion may be outdated but there are definitely pieces and looks that Hilary sported that we can definitely appreciate in this day and age. Time to take a look at Hilary’s upper class style that caught our attention over the years!

hilary 2

Hilary was a huge fan of hats and matching. This is no exception. Sure this look may be a bit over the top, however, this pattern is very popular even today, and pearls will never go out of style.

HIlary 3

As far as color combinations go, black and white is the most classic of them all. Chanel showed us why, and Hilary is doing a pretty good job at demonstrating how classy it can be. This 2 piece skirt suit is sophisticated and would be fashionable even today.


Even in the early 90’s Hilary knew the importance of the LBD (Little Black Dress). The sheer sleeves adds unique detailing to the dress which makes it stand out even more. And hey, isn’t that Dr.Huxtable’s son Theo? (Did I mention how much I love 90s television?).

Hilary 4

Would we be seen in this suit today? Nope. But is this color combination of pink and grey just fabulous? Yes. The rare color combination gives off a clean and sweet look with the pink making the color grey more feminine and the grey making the pink more classic.

HIlary 8

As the season progressed, Hilary became more beautiful and her style more fashionable. This bold navy dress was a show stopper and caught our attention. Anything cut-out is very popular today and this dress would do well at any classy event.

It wouldn’t be right to write about Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and not give a little lime light to Carlton Banks (played by Alfonso Ribeiro). He was almost everyone’s favorite character and who can blame them. Between his dancing and all of the snoty remarks he would make, Carlton made sure to get quite a few laughs out of us. He also considered himself to be very fashion froward with his polos and khaki pants. He was a perfect fit for any country club because he dressed about 15 years too old for his age. Nonetheless, he was classy and cool (in his own way of course) and we loved every minute of it.


So for those of you who think just because a show is from another time and therefore we cannot allow ourselves to get inspired by, I hope this post made you think differently. One of the amazing characteristics of the fashion scene today is that inspiration from different decades is key. So make sure to inspire yourself from these looks, and update them to make them your own!





Describing Blair Waldorf‘s (played by Leighton Meester) from Gossip Girl‘s fashion, is like describing a very abstract painting that is nearly impossible to understand. To say her style is complex is the understatement of the century, But is it beautiful? The answer is YES. Every outfit is attention-grabbing and makes you wonder “How did they come up with that?!”. Even the ones that make you cringe a little bit have a piece that is absolutely breathtaking. There are definitely many outfits that I wouldn’t be caught dead in, however, she pulls each one off because of her captivating confidence and sly smile. Money may have bought her these clothes, but she makes them look good because she knows how to.

For a long time Sex and the City rulled as the tv show with the most fashion forward style. However, as the reigning SATC went off the air it was inevitable that a few short years after that another show would take over and bridge the gap once again between television and the runway. Gossip Girl did not only make our fashion taste buds tingle, but the storylines were intense and the plot kept on thickening as to who was Gossip Girl (don’t worry-for those who still plan to watch it one day, you will find no spoilers here).

Pattern over pattern is usually Blair’s signature look, along with colorful stockings, beautiful hats, matching headbands and striking colors. Subtlety is definitely not her forte and there’s nothing wrong with that, because even if you don’t want your outfit to make as much of a statement as Blair’s usually did, you can still learn a tip or two from this bossy fashionista who rules the Upper East Side of New York City.


This is a look I would literally copy/paste on myself if I could. The black bow is extremely feminine and her sheer cream top with black lace detailing in the front is great for many occasions such as work, and supper.


This beautiful gold based dress with interesting pattern is definitely a head turner. The flower necklace is definitely a bit over the top, but on her, it looks perfection. In my opinion the clutch doesn’t match at all with the dress, however, the clutch itself is beautiful with the navy / white / red combo and I would buy it in an instant.


That’s the Blair we all know and love (to hate?). Her beautiful green coat is combined with a flashy yellow purse and pumps. Over the top? Maybe to some, but for Blair, it’s just right.


I went to a private school and let me tell you, my uniform did not look like this! She has made her uniform completely her own with this beautiful ruffled white top and pearl bracelets.


Colorblocking at it’s finest. A beautiful combination of a purple satin skirt, and teal shirt. Colors I wouldn’t normally combine but now that I have seen it, I’ll make sure to try it!

Blair red coat

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that a red coat has always been on my “must buy” list, therefore it is no surprise that Blair would wear one as well. Also, her plaid matching flats are amazing and perfect for the fall!


We all know fruit and animal patterns have become more and more popular the last few years so it is no surprise someone as preppy and fashionable as Blair would wear something splattered in big cherries. This sweet sleeveless top is perfect for a sunny summer day and the beret makes me want to all of a sudden own a beret.


A white dress (as I have mentioned in several posts) is elegant and feminine. Blair’s mini dress with criss cross neck detailing is beautiful and it wouldn’t be a Blair outfit if she didn’t wear a matching headband.

As I mentioned, even if you won’t mimick every inch of her outfits, a little inspiration never hurt anyone, and there is definitely a lot of detailing to her outfits and looks we can get inspired by! Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post as we go further into the complex fashion world of Miss Waldorf! xoxo

Pretty Little Fashionista.


I have been lured into the world of Pretty Little Liars like so many others I know. At first I laughed at those who wasted their time watching this series, and now I seek these people out in order to discuss the intense and confusing storylines of this show. In others words: I am addicted. I can’t help it! It’s everything you think it’ll be: so-so acting, intense storylines, endless amounts of secrets and cute fashion. I obviously won’t be spoiling anything about the show on this post simply because the show is still running and it is on Netflix (if you have some time to spare and want to start a show, I suggest this one!). Never did I think I would get so engulfed by the lives of these teenagers, but here I am, 3 seasons later, countless hours down the drain and I can’t help but still ask myself: WHO IS A?!?!? (If you do watch the show then you know exactly what I mean).

One of my favorite characters of the show is the strong-willed, intelligent and tough Spencer Hastings (played by the beautiful Troian Bellisario). At first I perceived her as the simpler one of the group, the “geek” I suppose. But as the episodes progressed I realized Spencer has so much to offer, and might I add probably the best actress on the show. Her wits and strong personality make it almost impossible to not like her, and to top it off, she has my favorite wardrobe of the show. Her family is extremely wealthy and therefore for the most part, she dresses the part of an upper class teenage girl (keep in mind that on tv, teenagers do not dress like we used to). More towards the preppy side she has a lot of pieces in her wardrobe I would love to try on myself. Let’s see what fashion secrets Spencer has stashed in her closet.


I don’t know if I would’ve worn this to high school, but these girls don’t necessarily dress like your typical high school girls. Spencer’s look in this scene is perfect for a beautiful Fall day. I would easily wear this to work. This plaid skirt and white shirt, finished off with a brown blazer is just what the season calls for.


This cream sweater with black suede elbow patches is really sweet and can be worn a lot. It loosk cozy and comfortable without being frumpy. 


Is there nothing this girl can’t pull off? I absolutely love this jacket. The tone of green goes extremely well with her hair color (btw, anyone else notice how she has perfected the wave?), and the fact that it ties at the waist makes it very feminine.


Who doesn’t need a basic colorblock dress? I know I do. It’s versatile, simple but not boring. Spices it up by using more than one color, and this particular dress has a cute neck detailaing.


The color palette of this outfit is one of my favorites: earth tones. Beige and olive green are an amazing combination and add on a rich brown leather bag, you simply cannot go wrong for this chillier season!


This is probably one of my favorite Spencer looks. This jacket is beautiful with the big gold buttons and the way the sleeves are large and open. Her black tights and high black boots add onto the mysteriousness of the look and her smokey eyes are the perfect final touch.  

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post as we continue to riffle through Spencer’s closet and uncover some more of her fashion secrets.

500 Days of Fashion.


One of my favorite movies of all time is hands down: 500 Days Of Summer. If you haven’t seen it, I strongly recommend it. And if you write it off because you think of it as your typical chick flick, stop right there, because even my boyfriend (who I forced to watch it) liked it! Great acting, humor, amazing soundtrack….there’s literally nothing I hated about it. And if you think it is a love story you are wrong, because as the narrator says in the beginning: this is not a love story.

I see I have spiked your interest. Good! I am hoping after you read this post you go out and rent this movie (do people still rent movies?) or download it (more likely)! It’ll make you sad, happy, hopeful and peaceful all at once. You go through a roller coaster of emotions because it is at it’s core, relatable. You feel Tom‘s (played by the adorable Joseph Gordon-Levitt) pain and joy and you get chills from Summer‘s (played by Zooey Deschanel) cold demeanor.

Along with the complete adorableness of this movie, Summer’s style is sweet and feminine. A mixture of Mad Men looks and school girl, it may not be for everyone but there are definite tips and styles we can all take from her style and be inspired by. A very common theme in this movie which I am sure you will notice is the color blue. The color scheme in general is muted, even with Tom’s adorable fashion choices, but blue is something we see very often on Summer. It may be due to her big blue eyes, or just because they wanted to keep a similar color pattern throughout the entire movie. Whatever the reason is, it works and I enjoyed every look of this movie! Time to open up Summer’s wardrobe and see what she wore throughout this delightful film.


This is a look I am often seen in in the summertime: a flowy skirt (sinched at the waist) and a simple tank top. It’s feminine and most importantly, comfortable. One time while wearing this I added a ribbon in my hair and a short cardigan. It felt like I was straight out of the movie “Grease“. May have been a little overkill.


Highwaisted pants have become more and more apparent in today’s fashion and it’s because they can offer a modern spin on an old fashioned style. They ooze sophistication and flatter many different body types.


Having gone to a private highschool myself I can relate to this look very well. There are definitely different variations of this look (i.e. promiscuous Britney Spears) but this is a way to pull it off without being inappropriate. All you need is a plain white shirt, with a sweater (sleeves or no sleeves are fine) and a skirt that falls at the knees. A+ for you Summer!


Whoever said vests were out of style is wrong, and Summer proves why. A vest can be an unique addition to a look. Without the vest this navy top and grey pants would’ve been a great ensemble, but the vest adds a bit more personality.


Another sweet example of a Summer look (and in blue, no surprise there). The detailing of this dress differentiates it from a typical dress, and the navy bow  in the hair adds the perfect touch.


Navy and green are the color palettes rare couple. They go so well together and yet you rarely see someone pair a nice navy skirt or pants, with a green top. Summer did this perfectly, and added a neutral jacket to the mix to refrain from having an outfit that is too busy.


I have said it before that a simple white shirt is a must in every person’s closet, however if you are the type to find this look boring, you can do what Summer did and add a broach or clip, like her Butterfly one! Adds just the right amount of personality to a rather simple outfit (and might I add, the butterfly is blue). Besides who said earrings and necklaces are the only thing you can put on to spruce up your look?

Stay tuned for the continuation of this post on Wednesday as we rummage through Summer’s closet some more. If I haven’t convinced you yet to watch this movie, maybe my favorite scene will get you to watch it! How could it not?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tJoIaXZ0rw

Marilyn Monroe is Hollywood Glam.


One of the biggest and most memorable style icons of this lifetime is the one, the only, Marilyn Monroe. Although she left this world way before her time, she left a mark and will be forever remembered as a beautiful, strong and charming woman who had a fashion sense that still resonates with many today. I know in terms of fashion I am often inspired by the looks of her time and we see an increase of this era’s style being mimicked.

Not only is she probably one of the most quoted icons out there, but without her even knowing, she has become an idol to those who want to promote a healthy body image. Unlike most celebrities today, Marilyn had a healthy body weight and embraced her curves to the fullest. Young girls should remember how worshiped this woman was, despite the fact that she wasn’t a size 2.

From Some Like It Hot, to Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and from How to Marry a Millionaire to The Seven Year Itch, Marilyn Monroe sported gorgeous gowns and looks that have caught my eye over the years. It fascinates me that even after 60 years, a movie’s fashion can still be so influential. Simply comes to show, make a timeless movie and timeless looks will follow. Time to go down memory lane and visit some of Marilyn Monroe’s most classic looks from the big screen.


Whether Marilyn was dressed up or down, she knew it was important to always look put together. With her thin deep lilac turtleneck, she takes this look from simple to glamed up with the vibrant color and her gold earrings and matching solid gold bracelet.


With summer coming to an end, I am sad to say I barely sported any baithing suits this season with this unpredictable weather. However, doesn’t mean I didn’t think about which type of baithing suits I wanted. In the last 5 years I have grown deeply in love with one piece baithing suits, and this deep orange strapless suit is no exception.


Another look that can be easily worn 60 years later. This violet/navy dress with severe shoulders and straight neckline gives off an haute couture look, all the while looking like a lady. This dress doesn’t need much more detailing because the color alone lets it stand out enough.


This fiery red dress puts JLO’S plunging dress to shame! Marilyn sported this gown with confidence, despite the fact that it had a plunging v neckline and a slit on the leg that leaves nothing much left for the imagination.



Who said colorblocking was a recent trend? Miss.Monroe shows us that in 1953 she colorblocked and she did it oh-so-well. This green/lilac/navy combo is something you rarely see, but it works really well!


This sweet white dress with unique criss-cross neckline is something I would love to wear today. It’s feminine and the fact that it sinches at the waist is a very flaterring look for girls with smaller waists and bigger hips, like Marilyn had. Also, her standard pop of red lips takes the possible daytime look to night.


This fuscia pink halter, back bow-tie dress with matching pink satin gloves is probably one of her most memorable looks. Adding diamond bracelets on top of the gloves just accentuated how much glam she really loved. Madonna channelled Miss Monroe’s spirit for the Material Girl video while reenactiing this entire scene. Made this dress even more popular than it already was!

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post on the continuation of Marilyn Monroe’s memorable looks from her movies. Also, I will clue you in on where you can find some very Marilyn-inspired dresses for your upcoming events!

This Means Fashion.

I can name 3 good reasons why you should watch This Means War: Tom Hardy, Chris Pine and fashion. If the men weren’t eye candy enough, Lauren (played by Reeese Witherspoon) has one amazing sense of style and each outfit is as appealing to the eye as are Chris Pine’s baby blues.


Lauren is a professional woman and she makes sure to dress like it. This brown tie dress and burgundy purse is an interesting combination that I normally wouldn’t have thought of, but it works! Combining colors in the same palette is a great way to match without using complimentary colors.


You all know how I feel about a good red dress. It pops and is perfect for day time as well as night. This fitted t-shirt style dress is great for a date when you don’t want to seem too overdressed. Zippers always add a casual funky aspect to a piece (but you want to make sure to not overdo them either). 


My favorite look of the entire movie: this white lace dress, with a navy blazer and nude pumps. Navy and nude is probably my favorite color combination of all time and the white lace adds a feminine, sophisticated touch. This look is appropriate for a date, or even a bigger event like a christening or engagement party.



I love how she can have such different looks in this movie. From cute and sweet to ultra sexy, this look definitely fits in the latter categorie. A short leather black skirt with a sheer black top demonstrates confidence and is a sure fire bet to impress your date. Also, you can never go wrong with the classic black Christian Louboutin shoes (with a slingback twist)!


Lauren demonstrates here that brown and black do in fact go well together. A simple black tank and black pants with a dark brown biker jacket makes her look like a CIA agent herself. Opting for a brown jacket instead of the typical black breaks down the color scheme without making anything stand out too much.

No doubt about it Lauren covered all bases of fashion from cute and feminine to sexy and sultry. She demonstrated that bold colors and simple cuts with no patterns can still make a strong statement. She clearly had taste when it came to clothes, and men! And I won’t be spoiling as to who she chooses at the end of the movie, that’s something you’ll have to find out for yourself!

Interview with a celebrity look-alike.

As I was waiting in Tim Hortons for my interview with my friend Maria Asimacopoulos, I was looking pretty drab due to my worst enemy: humidity. Next thing I know Maria walks in with a cute white and pink striped long sleeve top and her hair pulled up in a bun. At that moment I immediately knew I made the right decision on who I wanted to get their insight of their favorite present onscreen looks. I know my share of tv shows and movies, but Maria is a close runner up on her knowledge. Most importantly, I look to her for fashion advice because of her great sense of style and her background in Fashion Marketing.


When asked who was her main tv show/movie starlet inspiration she didn’t have to think about it for long: Rachel Berry from Glee. Having known Maria for a couple of years now, one thing I can count on is that she is often told she looks like Miss Berry. Naturally Maria finds  this extremely flattering because not only is she a huge fan of the show and loves the character (and actress) but she considers her a very big fashion inspiration. She explained to me that from Season 1 to Season 4, Rachel Berry has had a serious fashion transformation. What differentiates her style from the seasons I asked, “Season 1 she was focused on being cute and feminine, whereas in Season 4 she has entered womanhood and focuses on sexier, more form fitting pieces.” From A to Z, Rachel Berry has covered all bases from cute and innocent, to sexy and sultry and Maria has been inspired along the way. “She is my hairspiration” Maria added, noting that on top of loving her wardrobe, she also loves her hair. “Rachel has a soft ombré look which I really want to do one day”, Maria eagerly voiced. I can’t help but wonder if Rachel Berry is the new Rachel Greene in terms of being a hairspiration to many young girls out there!

Chic in Black and White.


I asked her to name me some of her favorite RB outfits which led to an endless list. She boiled it down to three (not an easy task since there are so many nice ones). For the first look she settled on this bicolor shorts/vneck sweater look that she replicated almost exactly. What she loves about this outfit is that it’s extremely simple, yet sexy and sophisticated and has some edge with the high black leather boots. Instead of the shorts, she wore a black and white mini skirt, with the same pattern. She channeled Rachel Berry that night (minus the singing) and I can vouch for her that she looked absolutely incredible in that outfit!

Pretty in Pink…and Lace. 


Another one of her favorite looks is this beautiful fuschia pink lace dress Rachel wore for a wedding. “I really love the color of this dress. It is so punchy, and the lace adds class a lot of class.” Often lace dresses are found in muted colors like black and white, but this adds a nice spin to a typical lace dress. For a recent wedding Maria attended, she took a page out of Rachel’s book and decided to wear a head turning vibrant orange/red lace dress. In my opinion, she looked even better than Miss Berry herself!

Soft and Simple.


Lastly, Maria stated that Rachel Berry blew people’s minds away with her prom dress. “At this point we were still used to her being cute and adorable so when she wore this dress, it was definitely shocking.” She further explained that the soft subtle pink is a great contrast with her skin tone and dark hair. “The mermaid cut and details on the dress are simple yet when put all together, make a memorable gown.” Maria hasn’t had the opportunity to wear a dress like this but will definitely aspire to and will hopes to find an event to mimic the stunning look.

So keep an eye out for a very fashionable Rachel Berry look-alike while you walk down the street, you will now know who it is!