Suit Up. Part 2.

Jessica Pearson from the TV series Suits is one fiesty lawyer. You do not want to get on her bad side, but one thing I would like to do is go to the store where she shops from. She has shown that women can be powerful and successful and most certainly dress the part. She proves that corporate wear does not have to be boring. In fact, every single one of her outfits is better than the next. While keeping her professional attire, she ensures her wardrobe is feminine simultaneously.

Since I am planning a career move, a new wardrobe is a must, and who else to better inspire myself from? I am a firm believer that no matter what clothes you wear you must stay true to yourself. Therefore I will need a closet full of  coporate attire with a little pazazz  Jessica’s classic yet chic looks are going to help guide me to a more professional, put-together wardrobe that is also fun! Let’s continue taking a look through her awesome closet.


A woman should be classy and sophisticated in the workplace, and that is exactly what Jessica Pearson successfully executes with this skirt suit, that has ruffling detailing at the waist area.


Lace is not uncommon in today’s fashion world, however, we don’t see it very often (or should I say often enough) around the office. The reason for that is probably because lace tends to be black, and that usually oozes a bit too much sex appeal. However, in this scene Jessica decided to wear a light grey lace and all of a sudden it is perfectly appropriate for the corporate world!


This color is all the rage this season. Anything plum related can be seen on the runways and for all the right reasons: it suits every skin tone and hair color! You can’t go wrong with this rich color for this cooler season, and Jessica shows us why!


You can’t do corporate without a couple of blazers in your closet. What I love about Jessica’s choices is that they are never your plain blazer. This lightly golden metallic blazer proves that you can be corporate looking and still maintain a little funk.


This long sleeve grey fitted dress with assymetrical neckline is perfect for the office. It is professional and extremely stylish all at once. Not to mention, classic. Something like this will never go out of style!


My absolute favroite Jessica Pearson blazer. It is edgy wish it’s severe shoulder pads and slight peplum accent at the waist. It can be worn in and out of the office and with pants as well as a dress.


Naturally this would be one of my favorite outfits of the series. Why you ask? Simple: it’s vibrant beautiful color. The office isn’t a place for you to hide away your personality. Don’t shy away from bold colors. If anything, it will grasp the attention of others in only a positive light.

Now that I have analyzed all of Jessica Pearson’s outfits, I am ready for my mini shopping spree of the perfect office wardrobe! Remember only a few key pieces are necessary to maintain a sophisticated and stylish look!


Xoxo. Part 2.


Having only 2 posts about Blair Waldorf (played by Leighton Meester) from Gossip Girl has proven to be very difficult. Not only has she previously appeared in other posts like “Dot.Me.Crazy.” and “Here Comes The Bride“, but having only 2 posts about her this week is nearly impossible considering the amount of outfits I had to choose from. This simply means I will have to write about her again some other time because there is just so much fashion inspiration flowing from her images! It makes me want to just go out and refresh my wardrobe and fill it up with colorful patterns, and buy a different headband for every outfit I own!

At first glance you think between her and Serena Van Der Woodsen (played by Blake Lively) she’s the one with the preppier style. This may be true, but throughout the seasons, a burst of patterns and colors overload came forth and it came to the point that we sometimes forgot we were watching a tv show, and not a fashion show. Each outfit was a surprise and you never knew what to expect. Needless to say, the outfits we will review here are definitely unique and note-worthy.


We all know how much I love a good coat, and this one is no exception. A cream coat is something I would love to own one day, but due to my extreme clumsiness I am not sure how quite feasible that is because I will probably dirty it within a week! Regardless, it oozes sophistication and I love that she matched it with a white scarf. Instead of going the colorful route, she chose to stay monochromatic and classy.


This is the colorful Blair we know. This floral pink dress is adorable and her fuscia pink head accessory is something that we all can’t pull off, but definitely worth the try because the results would be unforgettable!


As I mentioned previously, she was also reviewed in my post about polka dots, but not for this dress. Clearly, the girl like her dots. Considering she gears towards the preppy side it is no surprise that she would. This elegant under-the-knees dress sinched at the waist is ideal for a number of occasions. It’s simplicity is classic, but not boring because the polka dots add a bit of personality to it.


One of my favorite Blair outfits is one I can’t pull off, unfortunately. Her slender legs looks amazing in this patterned stocking and short dress. The little poncho is the sweetest touch to this boho chic look.


This may be a little tropic for your taste, but we all know she looks adorable. The cut of the dress is something I would wear 100%, whereas the pattern I feel like I would be a tad out of place in Montreal. However, if I were in a warmer climate, on vacation, I could definitely see myself sporting it! Sometimes it’s not so much what event, but also, what area!

All About My Brother

Navy and red is one of my favorite color combinations and this sailor-esque outfit of Blair’s is an eye catcher. I love the headband (no surprise there) and the preppiness of it all!


Is this black dress gorgeous? Yes. Are the eccentric sleeve detailings unique? Yes. But what really stands out the most for me is the amazing broach Blair decided to add onto her dress. We don’t see broaches enough on younger women and it is because they have been labelled as an older woman’s accessory. Let’s band together and get rid of this stereotype! Broaches are cool and classy and add that perfect amount of bling to a relatively simple outfit. Broach lovers unite!


This coat is one of my favorites. It is sophisticated and timeless and the color is something we don’t see often enough. And the fact that she wore ruffle socks make her look like a sweet young girl.

From cute to sexy, modern to timeless, Blair Waldorf has done it all and it is time for all of us to get inspired! She may have the means to purchase herself these items of clothing, but it is her fierceness and confidence that makes them look as good as they do on her! A tip we can all learn from. xoxo

500 Days of Fashion. Part 2.


500 Days Of Summer is a movie about how sometimes relationships don’t work, no matter how much you want them to. It demonstrates the reality of love, sadness, heartache and anger. It brings you along for an entertaining ride and leaves you with a sense of hope. Hope that no matter how sad you are at one pt, there is a rainbow behind that storm somewhere. 

Along with all the entertaining aspects of this movie, the fashion is also something that caught  my eye (of Summer‘s and Tom‘s) and I wanted to take a further look into Summer’s 60’s inspired wardrobe.  


As I mentioned in my previous post, a common theme in this movie in Summer’s wardrobe is the color blue. Most of her outfits have this color in them and the different tones go perfectly on her skin tone.

This is another great example of how you can dress for work without looking very corporate. This sweet ruffled short sleeve top and denim skirt is perfect for around the office, or grabbing a coffee somewhere.


Who thought shopping in IKEA could be so fun? Tom and Summer took the IKEA experience to a whole other level when they made themselves at home in the store. I can understand why Tom would be so smitten over this girl when she’s got such a fun personality and cute dresses like this baby blue one! This type of collar is particularly very popular lately in short dresses.


She wears this white sleeveless top in more than one occasion in this movie. The first time it is with high waisted pants, and the second time is with this colorful flowy skirt. Tops like these can be very versatile and are useful to have in your wardrobe!


I am almost certain I have a picture of my mom from the 70s wearing this exact same outfit. T-shirt tucked into high waisted shorts and stockings was all the craze back then, and it still is now. It can be worn on many body types and is a nice alternative to just wearing plain jeans!


Summer is clearly a fan of the school girl look because this is her second outfit of the movie that portrays this style. What I love is the teal argyle sweater vest. It’s practical and kicks any boring cardigans butt!


Denim has many different variations and this cute short sleeve dress shows us why we should probably wear more of them! She decided to wear it with a pattern belt which I find very nice, but I also love denim with anything tan coloured. Therefore a thin tan belt along with matching tan flats would be a great ensemble and something I would definitely be seen wearing!


Tom may have thought he was over Summer but when he saw her in this beautiful grey-blue dress his heart couldn’t help but melt a little. The neckline is a beautiful criss-cross and the bow detailing at the waist is a sweet touch.

I love movies that portray real life, and 500 Days Of Summer is one of them. It’s subtle details and real-life emotions draw you in and the great fashion is a simple bonus.


Robin Scherbatsky’s got style, eh!


I am Canadian and I am damn proud of it! Robin Scherbatsky (played by Cobie Smulders) from How I Met Your Mother is a Canadian as well and is very proud of her roots, although Barney Stinson (played by Neil Patrick Harris) gives her a hard time about it. Robin is a journalist trying to make it as a newsanchor over the seasons, and her strong, stubborn and tough exterior is adored by many because we all know deep down inside she’s just a sappy girl.

She’s a great role model to girls and along with all her positive characteristics, she’s also got great style! From business casual to fancy occasions, her look is geared towards the comfortable looking fitted clothing, that isn’t too provocative but always sophisticated. She avoids too much clutter like a lot of jewerly, and she makes sure to keep her colors and pattern combinations to a minimal. Over the last 9 seasons she’s kept true to herself and has always maintained a simple style.Time to take a view at Ms.Scherbatsky’s wardrobe and see what she can teach us!


Robin being the working woman as she is, knows that blazers are the best way to balance out a nice modern outfit, with the professional wardrobe she needs to have. She is often spotted wearing a blazer and it always gives off a very put together look. Being a huge fan of blazers myself, it is one of the best investments you can make. And I’m not talking about your grandmother’s old church-going blazer. I am referring to a nice, well fitted, modern blazer. They can be worn for many different outfits and always spruce up your look (if you replace your cardigan by a blazer, your outfit immediately goes from cute to stylish). This soft look of Robin’s consists of a beige very angled blazer with a nice white shirt from under with a sweet necklaine detailing.


This purple cap sleeve fitted dress is very flattering and the bold black zipper detailing on the back adds a funky spin to it. I love her thin gold chain necklace. Comes to show just because you have a wide open neckline doesn’t mean you need to add a big necklace. Sometimes keeping the chest bare is sexier and more feminine.


For those who think blazers are only for work, here is proof that a blazer can and should be worn on a night out! This blazer look is evening appropriate with the sexy black lace shirt from under and the black blazer adds the dark mysteriousness to it all. 


Patterns are all the craze as of late and in this scene Robin takes the nautical theme to work! Her navy anchor blouse paired with grey pants is a great work outfit, while keeping it fun.


A little black dress doesn’t have to be boring! This sheer top and sweetheart cut dress is great for many different occasions. As Robin did, important to remember to not add a necklace to this type of neckline.   


Another great example of how a blazer can be fun. I love the matching color of burgandy shirt to burgandy blazer. The pattern of the shirt breaks up the look without adding another color. 


This is one of my all-time favorite Robin dresses. This stunning low-v olive dress with black belt is absolutely beautiful. The color alone I find to be one of the most universally flattering colors. Brunettes, blondes and redheads, as well as light and dark skinned can be seen wearing this color and it would look nothing but spectacular on them. I also love the draped detailing on the lower half of the dress.     robin-stripes


Lastly, if you are a fan of the show, you may notice a common theme in Robin’s wardrobe: she loves stripes (as do I)! This character is often seen in stripes when she is dressed more casually. From thicker to thinner stripes, she’s sported them all and shows how versatile this pattern can be. If you want to learn more about the endless options of this pattern take a look at my post “Color me Striped”.

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post where we keep on rummaging through Robin’s wardrobe! We’ve already seen she has worn it all, even this bikini bod t-shirt. Ted couldn’t keep his eyes off of her!

How I Met Your Mother, Season Two

Miss York. Part 2.


If someone were to ask which TV character is known to be conservative, elegant, feminine and has a strict rulebook when it comes to dating, most people would immediately answer Charlotte York (played by Kristin Davis) from Sex and the City.

She believed less is more and that you don’t need to wear revealing clothes to catch a man’s attention. Her sense of style was classic, always maintaining a twist of femininity and she stayed true to her romantic beliefs throughout the entire series. She was a strong, smart and confident woman who chose to portray her simplistic, down-to-earth personality through her attire. Always a fan of neutral palettes and pinks (she is seen wearing it so often I think it is safe to assume it is her favorite color), she is still a fashion icon influence to many women out there who wish to have a sophisticated and adorable wardrobe all at once. Let’s continue to take a look at what Charlotte had in her awesome closet!


This great outfit is perfect as a daytime look as well as a summer evening outfit. The red belts adds a pop of color and it is balanced off with her nude shoes.


This dress is vibrant and shows a lot more personality than most of her other oufit selections. This very unique, thick vertical stripped peplum dress is very flattering because vertical stripes lengthen the body, and the peplum/belt combo sinch the waist, creating the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Charlotteoscarpolkadotdress oscar de la renta


Now this is how pregnant is done. Adorable, feminine and appropriate for a woman who is far along in her pregnancy. Charlotte shows that just because you are a mommy-to-be doesn’t mean you cannot dress up every once in a while. The simple polka dot dress is perfectly combined with this pink jacket and blush pink shoes.


Another amazing dress choice by Charlotte. This beige dress is simple yet it’s neckline is very original and the snakeskin belt adds a little edge to the look.


No surprise that one of my favorite Charlotte outfits is yet again, pink. This beautiful fuscia pink skirt suit is perfect for so many occasions, as well as the office (if you are in a pretty cool office). The peplum adds that girl-ish feel that every one of Charlotte’s outfits has, and I love the matching pink purse. I tend to always think I need to have a different color purse (in a complimentary tone), however, this shows to me that having the exact same color purse looks great. Somestimes staying in the same color tone is the way to go!

Charlotte taught us many things: never give up on true love, never book two dates in one night, never judge a book by it’s cover and always be dressed the way you want to be perceived. Thank you Charlotte for being the refined lady you are!

This Means Style­.

Let me just start off by saying that it’s pretty obvious why you should watch This Means War. With no words needed, I will simply state my argument with this one picture:


How can you say no to watching a movie like this, with 2 leading men who look like that? All jokes aside (although that wasn’t entirely a joke), this movie was surprisingly pleasant. It has a bit of everything: humour, love, suspence and fashion. The very lucky Lauren (played by the adorable Reese Witherspoon) is pursued by two gorgeous CIA operatives, who happen to be best friends. Lauren decides to play the field a bit and date both of them at the same time. While she is having (what I can only imagine to be) the time of her life, she is dressed the part of a wanted woman. From beginning to end her style remains feminine with bold colors and simple cuts.



On her first date with the swoon-worthy Tuck (played by Tom Hardy) she decided to be the southern belle she truly is and  pair a cute mini navy dress with red peep-toe heels. This is great for an early supper because although still appealing to the eye, the ruffles on the dress suggest a more innocent daytime approach.


For her first date with FDR (played by the very charming Chris Pine), Lauren took a completely different direction and went for the sexy/sultry look. There is just something so mysterious and enticing about wearing black on black. She matched her Hervé Leger dress with a smokey eye and to add the slightest of pop color, she wore my dream shoe:  black Louboutin peep-toe pumps.


This character is biased towards simple styles and bold colors. This outfit is no exception. This adorable red, slightly over-the-knee wrap dress is perfect for the office at work, but the bubbly sleeves  add femininity to the cut and make it great for a night out for supper.


If you don’t know how popular denim shirts are nowadays, then you haven’t entered a mall in a while! Denim tops have broken the mold and are now accepted in society. They go great with jeans(different color prefarably), regular pants and skirts (my favorite combination is a denim top with my red pants or skirt).

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post on the second part of Lauren’s style review from This Means War. Until then enjoy your evening while popping some popcorn and dancing to “This is how we do it” from Montell Jordan ( like Lauren did, in a very comfortable looking oversized grey grandfather sweater.


Lady in Gold.

Everyone knows that when you’re plotting a wealthy family’s demise, you have to dress the part (not that I would know from personal experience). For Emily Thorne this means wearing gowns and dresses around the clock. Completely emerging yourself in the Hamptons social elite club and attending the most sophisticated events is no easy task (although I would take the opportunity in a second).

As previously mentioned, Emily is known for her neutral palette choices and simple cuts. On Monday’s post, I talked about how at certain events Emily went out of her comfort zone by wearing red dresses to stand out. In this post I want to focus on the color gold. There are so many variations to this color because in some cases it can be flashier and others toned down. Whatever the tone, Emily made some excellent choices and these are prime examples of dresses to wear at a wedding.


This strapless metallic dress is understated yet stands out. The belt brings out the flecks of gold  in the dress which create the ideal shimmer effect. With having her eyes and hair kept relatively simple, the choice of deep red lips is the perfect final piece to tie everything together.


How can you not look beautiful with a dress like this on, and a man like that by your side? This stunning rushed light gold satin strapless gown is a show stopper. Wearing a floor length gold dress may be a bit much for attending a wedding, but if you feel comfortable doing it, I say go for it! If not, a knee-length version of this dress would be perfect. And adding a little bling to it like Emily did with the diamand necklace is a nice touch.


Rose gold, my favorite. Since I am a huge fan of pink, rose gold is the perfect balance. It combines the cuteness of pink, with the glam of gold­. In this very mini getup, Emily demonstrates that you can wear sequins without going over the top. Although, if you plan to hold a gun in the middle of the wedding reception, I would assume that would attract a bit more attention than you were expecting.


This knee length gold perlescent dress is clean cut and sophisticated. She paired the dress with a gold metal belt, and deep gold metallic sandals. She kept everything relatively simple which gives room for the dress to do the talking.



This dress screams out romantic. It’s a peplum lattice dress which unlike most of the other dresses she wears, has some excquisite detailing. It’s sheer sleeves and light peplum make the dress exceptionally unique and I love that she kept all her accessories in the same tone: gold enveloppe clutch with dark gold pumps.

Whether she wears red or gold or any other color of the rainbow, Emily Thorne always makes excellent dress choices and I’ll make sure to take a page out of her book for the next wedding i’m going to. Beware of this character showing up again on this blog. There were too many great dress choices to fit into only 2 posts!