Witchy Woman.


Do you smell that? Cause I sure do. That’s right, it smells like Halloween. It’s a bit chilly, the leaves are falling and chocolat is constantly in or around my mouth. There’s something special about this holiday. For the most part I am always really into Halloween. I take my costumes very seirously. I try to be creative and either do something film or pop culture related. However the classic Halloween costumes are based on the goons or goblins from when we were young: vampires, zombies, mummies, monsters, ghosts and of course, witches. I for one have never dressed as a witch for Halloween but there is something cool about it. In my opinion, they’re simply bad-ass. I have always wished I can be a witch, or at least have some kind of powers. Not to mention, witches have come a long way from looking like this:


The days of big pointy noses and warts are done for witches. They said, we are here and we want to look beautiful. From TV shows to movies, witches have been a prominent topic for the longest time. Whether they are good witches or evil, you can’t help but think they are cool. Unlike other supernatural beings (like vampires) a witch is born with her powers. But enough about the supernatural talk because I can go on all day on this topic! Hollywood has introduced us to many unforgettable witches that have enough personality and spunk that can last a lifetime. Sure some may not have much style, but there was definitely something about them. Let’s go down witchy memory lane and revisit some of my favorite past (and present) witches on the small and big screen.


Let’s start off with a girl that most late 20’s-early 30’s young adults know very well: Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Was she a bit annoying? Yes. Was she a bit dramatic? Yes. Did you make sure to stay in that Friday night to watch her? Yes (and don’t you dare try to deny it). Every young girl wish they had the power to zap a new outfit in mere seconds like Sabrina always did. Her style was cute and just what a teenage girl would wear. We all wish we could have her powers, have a cat like Salem and a crush like Harvey (sigh).


The Craft. If you haven’t watched it, definitely make sure you do. A film full of suspence, of 4 high school girls toying with magic. They made their school uniforms their own and each one had a different style. Kind of made me want to go to a private high school (until I did and realized that the movie lied to me and I could not change up my uniform as I see pleased). Still, they made witchcraft seem so cool and if you have watched it, I am sure you tried the spell “Light as a feather, stiff as a board” on one of your friends (or was that just my group of friends?).


If The Witches of Eastwick taught us anything is do NOT mess with a scorn woman. Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer lured us in and most importantly made us want to have big puffy out-of-control hair.????????????????????????????????????????

Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series is a modern day witch with exceptional talents and a fierce personality. She dresses just right for a girl her age. Sweaters and jeans are her go-to look when she’s not running around in her black cloak around Hogwarts hallways. This british beauty mustn’t be messed with for she will stupify you with a whisk of her wand!     


Although most people’s favorite is in fact Hermione, I am a HUGE Minerva Mcgonagall fan from the Harry Potter series. She is a stern professor but with a warm heart and the head of the Griffindor house, How can one not love her? (this is when my boyfriend would be making fun of my extensive knowledge and love of Harry Potter books/movies).


One of my all-time favorite movies (and my sister’s): Practical Magic. Sally and Gillian Owens (played by Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman) are sisters born from a long line of witches. Sounds great right? Wrong. Unfortunately for these beautiful women, any man to fall in love with an Owens woman is cursed to die an unfortunate and early death. The fashion of this film is absolutely great and I am bound to talk about it some other time as well. However let me just say for now the 2 things I learned from this movie is: there is almost nothing stronger than a sister’s bond, and really long hair is absolutely beautiful and definitely a good look for a witch. 

If you are still unsure about your Halloween costume, inspire yourself from one of these powerful women. Or wait until Wednesday to see even more powerful witches from the past and present who have made quite the impact on our view of witches today!


As IF. Part 2.


Clueless is hands down one of my all time favorite movies. It’s funny, quirky and just makes one feel good. Most of us who have grown up with the lingo still refer to the movie til this day. I love meeting another Clueless fan (which is pretty often) because we can bond on the many different scenes and outfits that have remained in our minds. Cher Horowitz considers herself a fashionista and she has every right to considering the amount of clothes she has! She loves clothes and most of all, loves to help people out with their fashion sense. She shows how you can dress well and be put together without losing your identity. I think we would have all loved to have a friend like Cher (mostly because we could borrow anything we wanted). Let’s continue taking a look through her closet to see what is left in store for us!


Britney Spears may have struck the world with her “hit me baby” school girl look but clearly she wasn’t the first to do so. Cher sported the school girl outfit long before Brit-Brit and looked classy doing so (don’t get me wrong, I still love Brit).


Cher looks beautiful in this burgandy sweater dress and matching headband. This color is extemely popular this upcoming season, especially with pants!


I’ll never forget how cool my sister looked when she wore her white t-shirts under a spaghetti strap tank top. Cher sported this look for gym class and she taught us all the lesson that we don’t need to look frumpy while working out (I should learn that lesson).


I wouldn’t wear a beret anytime soon, however Cher’s choice of white shirt with blazer is a sophisticated look and can easily be worn today.


Another fine example of Cher being way ahead of her time! Her sheer top (minus the ruffles) is in so many stores you’d think Cher knew what the 2013 fashion would consist of!


It’s no secret that a red dress catches everyone’s eye. I remember the first time I wore a red dress, it felt…good. Without being over the top, I was wearing something that made a statement. A red dress is a show stopper and an attention grabber and can be worn for a fun event, as much as a classy one. Cher’s red dress caught the attention of many people that night, and unfortunately for her, this robber as well (don’t let this scare you off from wearing a red dress though).


This is actually one of my favorite Cher looks of the movie. It is preppy and just cute. I love the tone of pink of her sweater and headband. Also, her patterned pants would fit right into the wild and funky patterns that have taken up the racks today.


This is probably one of my 5 top favorite scenes of all time. Cher’s simple and adorable outfit with pastel lilac pants (which we see in the summer all the time these last few years) and Josh’s shy smile makes this scene perfection. Not to mention, the perfect kiss that follows. Even til this day, I smile from ear to ear when it happens.

Clueless has and will forever be a fashion forward movie and I have no doubt that in another 18 years from now, I will still love and quote it!

As IF!


The Godfather, Pretty Woman, Schindler’s List, Shawshank Dedemption…..Clueless. Classics. You might ask yourself “Clueless? Really?”. Yes really. It is a timeless classic and if you are in your late 20’s to mid-to-late 30’s you know exactly what I am talking about. This film came out in 1995 and has stayed in our minds til this day. There’s not a girl I know who doesn’t quote it or know everything about it! It was an inspiration to many of us fashion wise (who didn’t want knee-high white socks after they watched this movie?) and let’s not forget the amazing one-liners that have been derived from this movie (and have remained in my vocabulary til this day).

Cher Horowitz (played by Alicia Silverstone) was the popular and beautiful daughter of a powerful lawyer but who I find to be a good role model for girls. Sure she may be a tad on the spoiled side, however, she was still a good student, obeyed her father’s wishes and wasn’t promiscuous with boys. She believed that what you wore said a lot about yourself and helped people feel better about themselves. When she helped the adorable Tai (played by the late Brittany Murphy) not only did she change her wardrobe, but also wanted her to strengthen her vocabulary (“Yeah, I hope not sporadically”), and ultimately, wanted to be her friend. Through the funny jokes and quirky scenes, there is so much  more to take away from this film than meets the eye.

This movie was released 18 years ago and fashion has obviously changed and evolved since then but that doesn’t mean that aspects of the fashion of the film isn’t still inspirational and relevant today. We can all take a few tips from Cher’s massive closet (God how I wish I had that revolving closet, which I recently found out actually exists!).


Simple, adorable, basic. If you don’t own a plain white fitted t-shirt, then go out and buy yourself one pronto! It is a must in every girl’s (and guy’s ) closet. You can dress it up with accessories as did Cher to make it appropriate for work or to hang out with friends! Sometimes simple is the way to go. Also would it appropriate if I brought that pen to my next important meeting?


Candy, popcorn and cardigans, those are my 3 weaknesses. The amount of cardigans I own is probably abnormal to most, but to me, I don’t have enough! A cardigan is basic yet preppy and convenient. I usually always sport it as Cher did, with a white t-shirt from under. It’s perfect for when I go to work, and when I go to some informal suppers. It looks put together without being too professional looking. What I love the most about them is that you can get them in any color and pattern! You don’t have to do the boring black one. By all means, take it up a knotch as Cher did with her banana yellow one!

Clueless - Cher (Alaia)

Now I am not saying I would wear this jacket, but how fabulous does she look? The boa detailing on the collar screams out glam. But I would like to point out the slight peplum accent this jacket has. And what is extremely popular nowadays? You guessed correctly: peplum! For 1995 Cher was way ahead of her time!


Cher is wearing this sweet girly dress like she’s doing it a favor. It’s pastel color is flattering and I love how her hair is just so soft looking and natural.


I’ve said time and time again how much I love a simple white dress. For her first “date” with Christian, Cher decided to wear this very form-fitting Calvin Klein dress that made her father not very pleased but definitely caught the attention of her ex-step-brother (and the love of my life) Josh (played by the adorable Paul Rudd).


Sheer tops with tank tops from under are seen more and more in stores now. The tops may not be as sheer however, Cher was definitely onto something here!


One of my favorite outfits of the movie and for so many different reasons. Firstly, who doesn’t love a good blazer? The black blazer with the white shirt from under is classic and ultimately, timeless. Secondly, my sister had that exact same skirt and I was in absolute awe of her. Argile is always preppy and I love how the pattern makes a simple short skirt, pop from the outfit.


Every time I go on a website to do some online shopping (Mom I promise it’s not that often) I see plaid everywhere. Fitted or loose plaid shirts are all the rage right now and other than Nirvana, I believe Cher had a huge say as to why (maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but let me believe whatever I want). She took plaid to a whole other level but needless to say, she looked good in every outfit! Not everyone can pull off an entire yellow plaid ensemble!  

Now if you think this is the end of the Clueless fashion analysis, AS IF! Stay tuned for more Clueless on Wednesday as we keep on rummaging through Cher’s infiinte closet of goodies!