Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Part 2­.

Bridesmaids annie and helen

The hilariously funny movie “Bridesmaids” had it all: laughs, love, fights, sports, friendships and last but not least, fashion. Annie (played by Kristen Wiig) and her arch nemesis Helen (played by Rose Byrne) both had very different styles but both women left an impression on me. On Monday we reviewed Annie’s simple and modest feminine style that didn’t break her wallet. Today it is time for Helen to step up to the plate with her expensive looking, haute couture wardrobe, which matched her glamourous, high society, fashionista personality. Who will be crowned bridesmaid of the ball? Let’s find out!

Film Title: Bridesmaids

When we caught a first glimpse of Helen in this breathtaking black gown I know we all felt as jealous as Annie did. The lovely beaded sheer detailing on the upper body of this gown is quite impressive. She wore this for her friends engagement party which some would say is way over the top, but for Helen, it is right up her ally, making sure all eyes are on her. I always thought that this dress in white would make a lovely wedding dress as well.


This lovely cream dress with unique short sleeves is one of my dream outfits. She kept everything in neutral tones, including her long beaded necklace and stood out from the rest of the women for this day of bridesmaids dress shopping.


As opposed to Annie, when travelling Helen had one thing in mind and that’s to look nothing but her best. Comfort wasn’t a priority for her since she wore this metallic light blue skirt and top with a gold jacket and heels when flying to Vegas. Who needs comfort when you look this good? 

Film Title: Bridesmaids

This scene was actually cut from the movie but it’s one of my favorite Helen outfits. A very old Hollywood look with the white big sunglasses and this beautiful beige jacket. This look keeps up with Helen’s neutral tone wardrobe which is fitting to her personlity since she always liked to keep things polished.

Choosing my favorite bridesmaid wasn’t an easy task! They both had a great sense of style and chose outfits that matched their personalities. Helen, the conservative classy woman chose to spend extra money on her wardrobe, selecting stand out pieces with neutral palettes and clean lines. Annie on the other hand went for the cuter approach with sweet summer dresses and colorful blazers. Her lean legs allowed her to wear shorter dresses and showed that she had a very fun personlity!

The ideal wardrobe would be to combine the two together! You can have cute and feminene one day and sophisticated and womanly the next. However, if I HAD to choose, the winner would be: Megan (played by Melissa Mccarthy). That’s right-I chose the most ill-dressed character of the movie. Why you ask? It’s simple: Megan may have been the worst dressed out of all the bridesmaids but not only was she my favorite character but she also showed that no matter what you wear or what you do, you can always be a confident lady. She demonstrated that by always sporting her pearls, having her nails done and having the fiercest confidance every woman should. Thank you Megan for the great laughs and showing us that a little pazazz never hurt anyone!



Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.




There’s nothing like a good comedy. One that’s gut wrenchingly, laugh-out-loud funny. Unfortunately they are a dime a dozen, for many movies have tried, and failed. However, Bridesmaids was as much of a success as I had hoped it would be. Hilariously funny, witty and just so real. Not to mention, written by women with a complete women cast, I feel pretty darn proud.

This simple yet great story line is about how Annie Walker (played by Kristen Wiig) goes about dealing with the harsh realities of her life (losing her boyfriend, losing her job, having unbearable roomates, etc), and the fact that her best friend Lillian (played by Maya Rudolph) is getting married. Her life is in shambles but she strives to be the best maid-of-honor she can be (and having a lot of difficulty along the way doing so). Not to mention, Lillian has all of a sudden found herself a little-miss-perfect friend in the beautiful and posh, Helen (played by Rose Byrne) and Annie is not too pleased.  

Obviously this being a 99.0% female cast, chances of seeing some nice clothes is bound to happen. Having 6 women in the bridal party leads to 6 very different styles. Since Annie and Helen were so competitive in the movie, I thought a little fashion competition between the two would be appropriate. Today I will take the time to review Annie’s cute and simple wardrobe that shows you don’t need to break your wallet to look great.


If you watched this movie you definitely noticed a pattern in Annie’s wardrobe: dress and blazer. In at least 3 different scenes of this movie, she chooses to wear this combination and the outcome is sweet and feminine. A cute summer dress is always a great choice (and can be found for a very good price) whether it’s for a supper or a day time get together. Adding a blazer with rolled up sleeves gives it an edgier look which adds sophistication (perfect for more formal events).  



When it comes to travelling I put comfort first and wear my most comfortable sweats and shirt. This seems like a good idea until I arrive at my destination and don’t feel even remotely glamourous stepping off the plane. While still keeping comfort in mind, Annie Walker opted for jeans and a black and white nice loose striped top. The look is casual and practical, yet she looks put together and presentable (except for when she got drunk and made the plane take an emergency landing).


Annie worked shortly at a jewerly store and she was by far the worst salesperson you can have. One thing she did succeed at is her work attire. A v-neck thin sweater paired with a matching shirt is a great way to maintain the professional look without sporting a suit. 

annie red dress

Despite Annie being miserable at her friend’s bridal shower, she still looked fantastic in a short red dress with a red matching leather belt. Simple and appropriate for an event like this, and differentiated itself with the 2 different sized straps. Her meltdown caused quite the scene, but at least she looked good while destroying that heart shaped cookie.

Do you like Annie’s style in Bridesmaids? Stay tuned on Wednesday for the style review of Helen. Will she beat out Annie with her expensive wardrobe? We will soon find out!