Limos and dresses and corsages. Oh my!

It’s that time of year again where girls lie awake at night stressing over what dress they will choose, and boys try to muster up the courage to ask their high school crush out. Yes, prom. For most of us prom consisted of a terrible looking dress, and a crunchy stiff hair updo (exhibit A would be my very own prom picture, but with having your best interest at heart, I have excluded it from this post). Kids today have it so easy because there are a ton of affordable gorgeous dresses they can choose from (with BCBG, Zara, even Forever 21, to the vast amounts of online stores there are, the possibilities are endless).

Any high school based tv show will always have a prom episode. At least this was the case for Vampire Diaries. In no way do any of these characters actually look like they should be in high school, but it’s such a good show that its fans gladly overlook this fact. Since the season finale just passed I will definitely not reveal any spoilers, so have no fear. It’s so popular because on top of its constant edge-of-your-seat drama filled episodes, there’s enough eye candy for both men and women to last a lifetime.

The ladies of Mystic Falls definitely did not hold back for their prom. Some of their selection may have been a bit much for this event (probably more red carpet appropriate) but still worth talking about. If you watch Vampire Diaries you know that most of their events consist of these glamourous balls where these women wear breathtaking gowns. What’s funny is that the town looks like it has a population of 50 people and these teenage girls don’t even work. The question is, where is this amazing store that gives away these gowns for free? I will be gladly be their #1 client.    Pictures of You

Elena, or as I like to call her “the luckiest girl in the world” because she has 2 of the hottest men constantly running after her, looked stunning at her prom in this vibrant fuschia strapless Theia gown. I would consider this definitely prom-esque. The color and pattern (printed with different shades of fuschia) is so punchy and perfect to say good bye to the school year and hello to summer. The cut itself is something I would definitely go for: sweetheart strapless and completely sinched at the waist. I love how tightly sinched it is at the waist by the embedded sash, which allows  the skirt to completely flair out. Great for girls who have curvier hips (i.e. me), but not exclusive to them. Elena definitely has no problems in that area and she went for this cut which looked amazing. Since the color of the dress makes a loud enough statement alone she made the right decision in going very basic with her hairstyle, and minimal accessories. I would call this look close to perfect if it wasn’t for those red streaks in her hair. Although we couldn’t see her shoes, if it were me I would have gone for a black strappy sandal. Since there are darker tones in the dress pattern it allows room for a darker shoe color.


Pictures of You

Caroline, another lucky lady who has been able to smooch and get smooched by Tyler AND Matt, looked breathtaking at Mystic Fall’s event of the year with her 20’s inspired look. As much as I love this ivory strapless dress of hers, it is definitely not for prom. Nevertheless, it is beautiful with its almost spiderweb-like detailing and even if I have a deadly fear of spiders, it makes for a unique detail on the dress. It is form fitting unlike Elena’s and falls into a tulle-filled mermaid skirt which is very flattering on her body type. Since the color is muted, I love that she went for a classy updo. Some would even say this entire look is fitting for a non-traditional bride who doesn’t want the typical white dress.


PromDress Bonnie

Bonnie, my most disliked character, actually wore my favorite dress of the evening. This beautiful navy, strapless, layered tiers dress is just the right amount of prom with the perfect amount of glamour. It’s sophisticated and understated and the tiers detailing differentiates it from other simple straight-cut gowns. I couldn’t find a full length picture of Bonnie wearing the gown, however, luckily I found the actual dress which is also by Theia. I love how Bonnie wore her hair down in soft waves and this stunning black diamond necklace. It is definitely a stand-out piece of jewerly and ties in the entire look. I tend to shy away from bigger necklaces however this has inspired me to sport a big, attention-grabbing necklace at the next event I attend (hopefully the Oscars-still waiting on Mr.Gosling or Mr.Clooney to ask me).


Pictures of You

Since I am talking about all the ladies of Vampire Diaries at prom, I felt it necessary to include Rebekah, but not on a positive note. The color is as banana yellow as it gets and the faux roushing of the skirt is very 80s prom to me. I actually love yellow on blonds despite the popular opinion, but a lighter softer yellow, not something this flashy. This dress had potential with its bejeweled strapless bustier, however with the color, skirt, and material it all adds up to a prom disaster. I think I can confidently say that my own prom dress was nicer than this one (which isn’t saying much). Maybe the fact that she is roughly 1,200 years old clouded her judgment on what is “in” for prom.