Looking sharp, Old Sport.

The buzz in the box office has been the much anticipated final release of The Great Gatsby, where Leonardo DiCaprio portrays Mr.Gatsby. Even if I wasn’t head over heels with the story, probably due to high expectations, I still found it to be a beautiful film. With the combination of the soundtrack, amazing fashion, hair, makeup and glamourous parties, it ends up being a movie you can hardly keep your eyes off of. The one thing that kept my eyes particularly wide open was Mr.Gatsby himself. Leo is no doubt a good looking man, but in this particular movie he radiated on-screen with his shy smile and sparkling baby blues.  Typically I would take the time to comment on the women’s outstanding fashion of this film, however, I think old sport here earned a slot in this blog because his suits were definitely noteworthy. Every piece was so clean cut and well designed (all custom designed by Prada), it warrants the mention because a truly stellar job was done. great_gatsby_trailer_leonardo_dicaprio-630x420

Cheers to you Mr.Gatsby. Simple, black and white 3-piece suit done oh-so right with a nice twist to the bow tie with white stitching.



Old sport shows that you can look extremely chic with just a crisp cream sweater and classic silver watch.



He may have been a nervous wreck in this scene, but the unique off white/olive/baby blue suit combination made him look as sophisticated as sophistication gets.



Old Sport demonstrates why this light brown shade for a suit is completely underrated.



Thank you Mr.Gatsby for wearing a baby pink suit and pulling it off. Any man who can do that is grand in my book.