Pretty Woman, walking down the street. Part 2.

Pretty woman has become an all-time classic love story. From Viviane’s laugh to Edward’s shy smile and salt and pepper hair, the movie has it all even 23 years later. Viviane’s style transitions drastically throughout the movie, starting off as a woman of the night, and ending up as a sophisticated lady.


Viviane just had her crazy shopping spree and is strutting down the street with so much confidence. People can’t keep their eyes off of her and it’s obvious why. Look at that outfit! The gloves may be a bit much but she is definitely making it work.

The main attraction: Nothing says sophistication like the simple combination of black and white (and Miss Chanel would definitely agree with me on that one).


This was actually one of my favorite looks of the movie. This  type of look is perfect for any “fancy” not-too-formal daytime event.

The main attraction: The cut of the dress is one of my favorite styles on most women. It sinches at the waist with the belt and hides most problem areas. Also, who can say no to a good old polka dot dress. It’s timeless and adorable all at once!


This scene is probably one of the most timeless in cinema. Her laugh is genuine and contagious and she looks absolutely stunning in this red gown and white glove ensemble.

The main attraction: You usually see red lips worn with a black attire or something a bit more toned down, however not in this scene. I love that she chose to do a red poppy lip with her vibrant red dress. It makes a statement and definitely catches your eye.


This isn’t the same Viviane we were introduced to in the beginning of the movie. She oozes class and sophistication in this scene with her 2 piece shorts-pant suit and white silk shirt.

The main attraction: As opposed to some of the other looks of the movie, this outfit is a tad outdated. However it’s not so much the style that attracted me, but the color. Salmon pink is known to be the most universally flattering color. It suits all hair colors (good example is Viviane’s red vibrant hair) and skin tones.


Alas, all good things must come to an end. Viv decided to end things on a high note with her very modern black blazer/white t-shirt combo. A look that’ll stay stylish for a very long time.

The main attraction: A black blazer is the most solid investment you can make for your wardrobe. You can dress it up as well as down and the same cut can be wearable for several years (I bought my black blazer from Zara in 2009 and it is still good today!).

If Viviane taught us anything it is no matter what beautiful pieces of clothing you wear, the most important accessory you can have is your smile. Hers won over everyone’s heart (including Edwards) and it’s never too late to add  yours to any one of your outfits!


Pretty Woman, walking down the street.


If Roy Orbison’s song popped in your head, then you are ready for this post. It’s time for Pretty Woman. It is one of my favorite movies because this 1990’s Cinderella tale had it all: humour, love  and most importantly, fashion.

red blazer

When someone thinks of this movie, this is the outfit that pops to mind first. There are definitely aspects of the look that can be worn today (in a non-prostitute kind of way). The black over the knee boots and the men’s cut blazer are exceptionally popular and look like they will be considered staples in our society for women.

The main attraction: The blazer may be a few sizes too big, even for a man, but the cut and color palette is something I would choose. Not to mention, the fact that the lapels are black reinforce its classic look (a white blazer with black lapels is also a very sought out item of today).



A memorable scene of the movie is when we get a first glimpse of Viviane in a beautiful short black lace dress while she was waiting for Edward in the bar lobby. A little black dress is a necessity in every girl’s closet. There are so many different variations of it which makes it all the more fun to shop for. Lace dresses are found in every store today and have taken the LBD to the next level.

The main attraction: I love the detailed neckline of this dress. Looks like a necklace when in fact it is attached to the dress itself. It adds an accessory without going over the top. With a neckline like this it is easy to keep hair up, as well as down, but it’s important to follow in Viviane’s footsteps and keep earrings relatively simple and small.

     pretty-woman-1990-10-gpretty woman Julia Roberts look

This is one of my favorite scenes of the movie. Viviane is about to live most girls dream: a shopping spree where she can shop til she literally dropped. The world was her oyster and no salesperson here was about to give her any attitude! How many of you have actually wanted to go into a store with 100 bags in your hands and tell a salesperson “Big mistake. Big. Huge!”? I know I have reeneacted this scene in my head on more than one occasion.

So many outfits she is trying on are noteworthy but it’s what she starts off in what catches my eye. The androgynous look is again present in this outfit when wearing Edwards top (lucky her) as a tie front and sporting her modern stud bracelets.

The main attraction: There is almost nothing I value more than a white shirt. I love that a crisp white shirt (especially a men’s cut) can look so good on a woman. Something as professional as this can also be dressed down and will be just as timeless in another 20 years from now.

Stay tuned on Wednesday for the rest of Pretty Woman’s looks review and admiration!