Polka dots have been around since the dawn of time but as of late we have seen them take a bigger spot (get it?) on and off the small screen. Last post we went over the basic polka dot options and how they can make a relatively simple outfit or a piece of wardrobe more feminine and unique. Now it’s time to take it up a knotch and see how a polka dot is much more than what meets the eye, how it’s elaborate variations are endless!

Pic3-polka dots and patterns

The polka dot with pattern combo: People tend to stick with one pattern at a time, but these women show  that you shouldn’t be scared to combine patterns, because it can result in a pretty awesome outfit! Blair Waldorf (from Gossip Girl), Mindy Kaling (from The Mindy Project) and Tamara (from Awkward) demonstrate that sometimes you should go outside of the box when creating an outfit. Combining patterns can sometimes lead to an overall overwhelming design but these are great examples of how it should be done. Whether it is with stripes, floral, or tweed, adding a polka dot piece to these can often portray a well put together look!  

Pic8-different sized polka dots

The different sized polka dots: Who said that when you sport a polka dot pattern you need to stick to just the one size? Hanna Marin (From Pretty Little Liars), Carrie Bradshaw (from The Carrie Diaries), and Polly (from How to Live With Your Parents) demonstrate how choosing a polka dot does not  limit you to the size. They are all sporting outfits that have a number of different sizes which creates a nice pattern within the pattern.

Pic9-feminine polka dots

The Girly Polka Dot: Ruffles and bows have become a common factor in many womens shirts today. It gives off an air of ultra-femininity and sophistication. What would be a “boring” outfit has now taken a nice spin. Emma Pillsbury (from Glee), Megan Calvet (from Mad Men), Annie Edison (from Community) and Paige (from Royal Pains) did just so with either having a bow or ruffles on their shirts and blouses.


Pic7-unique dresses

The funky polka dot: After the polka dot has altered so many simple outfits it was time it got real funky and distorted itself in many different ways. Whether it is with lace, oversized polka dots, or infused with a color block dress, it can look completely different right before your eyes. Santana (from Glee), Belle (from Once Upon a Time) and Annabeth (from Hart of Dixie) are the perfect examples on how you can make the simple pattern get a little crazy.


The polka dot coat: We don’t see a polka dot coat very often and I am not sure why because this is absolutely stunning! Zoe Hart (from Hart of Dixie) is wearing a relatively simple outfit, which wouldn’t normally catch your eye, but with a gold and black polka dot coat, it is hard to miss her! A fun way to dress up an outfit and add a ton of personality.

Now that we have reviewed the interesting different ways one can integrate polka dots into their wardrobe, I hope to be seeing more in yours! And whenever you’re in doubt, just ask yourself “Can a little polka dot do me any harm?” and the answer is no! Polka dot away!




What did Princess Diana and the Duchess Kate Middleton have in common on the day they brought out their first born son (other than looking ravishing)? If you said polka dots, then you guessed correctly! Both opted for a sweet refreshed new-mommy look and chose to wear polka dot dresses.

Polka dots have been around in the fashion world for a very long time, however as of late we’ve seen them fill out wardrobes of the rich and famous, as well as us regular folk’s. TV show characters are no exception to this and progressively the polka dot look has taken different forms and variations.

You may think that polka dots are pretty basic and you wouldn’t be wrong, but they have evolved greatly over the years and can be simple or funky all at once. They make a regular outfit take a different spin on something you’ve seen 1000 times over. It’s time to review how one can integrate an array of polka dot oufits into a wardrobe but still have them look very different from one another. Let the evolution of the polka dot begin!

Pic5-basic polka dot dress

The basic polka dot dress:  Alex Kerkovich (from Happy Endings) and Mindy Kaling (from The Mindy Project) are both sporting what is perceived to be relatively common in many women’s wardrobe today: a simple, short polka dot dress. The style of the dress can vary greatly but the basic purpose is to take what looks like a regular dress, and make it slightly more feminine by adding polka dots.

Pic4-polka dot skirts

The basic polka dot skirt:  Karen Cartwright (from Smash) and Jessica Day (from New Girl) chose to wear basic tops with cute polka dot skirts. This adds a bit more personality into a look. Jessica Day’s skirt (to the right) is one of my favorites. I love when a skirt sinches at the waist look and bubbles out. It adds even more femininity to the outfit (and any combination with navy is great in my books).

Pic6-basic polka dot shirt

The basic polka dot blouse:  Zoe Hart (from Hart of Dixie) and Leslie Knope (from Parks and Recreation) are wearing what seems to be a relatively simple outfit but both decided to take their regular blouse and add the playful pattern to it. Makes what would have been a more serious look, a bit more fun. Zoe Hart’s blouse (on the left) has an even more special spin to it: some of her polka dots are floral looking, which adds some color with the navy and breaks the identical polka dot pattern.

Pic2-polka dot scarves

The polka dot scarf: Who said scarves need to be boring? Adding a dotted scarf like Aria Marie Montgomery (from Pretty Little Liars) and Mindy did gives a whole new meaning to what a scarf represents. What once was something to keep you warm, now has become an accessory. Both girls took 2 very different approaches: Aria already wearing a busy outfit (plaid and stripes) added the polka dot scarf to create a medley of patterns, whereas Mindy wearing a beautiful yellow jacket added the green colorful polka dot scarf to add a pattern, and blend in the color of the jacket in with the scarf.  

Pic 1-jess in bikinis

The polka dot bikini: As the song goes, Jessica Day decided to also wear a polka dot bikini in 2 different episodes of New Girl. Both adorable, both flattering. There’s something about a polka dot bikini that screams out old Hollywood. The cuts naturally gravitate to that era and they look extremely dainty.

As you’ve seen the polka dot can transform the simplest of outfits and accessories without looking over the top. Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post on the more elaborate adaptations of the polka dots and looks!