Marilyn Monroe is Hollywood Glam. Part 2.



Marilyn Monroe was a beautiful, free-spirited woman who seemed sure of who she was and what she wanted. A style icon and role model to many, she made sure her legacy would live on and remained an influential fashion idol to many (including me). Old Hollywood glamour is one of my favorite looks, especially for special events, and Marilyn did it best.

The women of that era knew how to look like put-together ladies and looking sloppy was never an option. Whether you were primmed and proper for a ball, or you were simply going out for supper, choosing the right and most flattering outfit was always a must. And most important, feeling good in your skin is what brought your outfit from nice to remarkable. Let’s take a look at the continuation of how Marilyn made her looks as memorable as they were.


For those who say you can’t do orange for a fancy event, they clearly have’t seen Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, where Marilyn is wearing this stunning vibrant orange gown with diamond detailing.


One of my favorite Marilyn looks and a common outfit from that era is a matching shirt and pant combo with a belt sinched at the waist. It is professional, yet feminine all at once.


This stunning burgundy gown can be easily seen on the red carpet today. It’s strap detailing is something we don’t see often enough and I love the matching belt. This color is extremely flattering on blondes as well as brunettes.  


A couple of weeks ago I discussed my love for polka dots, so it is no surprise to me that a style icon of mine would be spotted wearing this pattern! This dresses oozes of classic Hollywood glam where it ends at the knees and was fitted all the way through.

Marilyn Monroe

If someone doesn’t recognize this scene it is because they grew up in a cave. This is, hands down, the scene Marilyn Monroe is known best for. In The Seven Year Itch, Marilyn’s famous halter white dress blows up as she walks on top of an air vent. I don’t know how many times I’ve used the expression “I was walking down the street and almost pulled a Marilyn Monroe”, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. This look has been mimicked for Halloween a thousand times over, but what stands out most is that Marilyn shows that a white dress and shoes is a look that stands out and is sophisticated in so many ways (minus the skirt blowing up in the air).

If old Hollywood glamour is a look you would like to mimic, I discovered a brand that oozes of this era. It is called: Stop Staring ttp:// The dresses are beautiful and affordable. I bought a Stop Staring dress from the boutique 1861 (one of my favorite Montreal boutiques) that holds many different brand names. I found this blush dress which I immediately fell in love with. It had the option of a halter strap but I kept it as a strapless, and I added the belt to give a little bling to it. I channelled my inner Monroe that evening. Will you do the same at your next event?



Marilyn Monroe is Hollywood Glam.


One of the biggest and most memorable style icons of this lifetime is the one, the only, Marilyn Monroe. Although she left this world way before her time, she left a mark and will be forever remembered as a beautiful, strong and charming woman who had a fashion sense that still resonates with many today. I know in terms of fashion I am often inspired by the looks of her time and we see an increase of this era’s style being mimicked.

Not only is she probably one of the most quoted icons out there, but without her even knowing, she has become an idol to those who want to promote a healthy body image. Unlike most celebrities today, Marilyn had a healthy body weight and embraced her curves to the fullest. Young girls should remember how worshiped this woman was, despite the fact that she wasn’t a size 2.

From Some Like It Hot, to Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and from How to Marry a Millionaire to The Seven Year Itch, Marilyn Monroe sported gorgeous gowns and looks that have caught my eye over the years. It fascinates me that even after 60 years, a movie’s fashion can still be so influential. Simply comes to show, make a timeless movie and timeless looks will follow. Time to go down memory lane and visit some of Marilyn Monroe’s most classic looks from the big screen.


Whether Marilyn was dressed up or down, she knew it was important to always look put together. With her thin deep lilac turtleneck, she takes this look from simple to glamed up with the vibrant color and her gold earrings and matching solid gold bracelet.


With summer coming to an end, I am sad to say I barely sported any baithing suits this season with this unpredictable weather. However, doesn’t mean I didn’t think about which type of baithing suits I wanted. In the last 5 years I have grown deeply in love with one piece baithing suits, and this deep orange strapless suit is no exception.


Another look that can be easily worn 60 years later. This violet/navy dress with severe shoulders and straight neckline gives off an haute couture look, all the while looking like a lady. This dress doesn’t need much more detailing because the color alone lets it stand out enough.


This fiery red dress puts JLO’S plunging dress to shame! Marilyn sported this gown with confidence, despite the fact that it had a plunging v neckline and a slit on the leg that leaves nothing much left for the imagination.



Who said colorblocking was a recent trend? Miss.Monroe shows us that in 1953 she colorblocked and she did it oh-so-well. This green/lilac/navy combo is something you rarely see, but it works really well!


This sweet white dress with unique criss-cross neckline is something I would love to wear today. It’s feminine and the fact that it sinches at the waist is a very flaterring look for girls with smaller waists and bigger hips, like Marilyn had. Also, her standard pop of red lips takes the possible daytime look to night.


This fuscia pink halter, back bow-tie dress with matching pink satin gloves is probably one of her most memorable looks. Adding diamond bracelets on top of the gloves just accentuated how much glam she really loved. Madonna channelled Miss Monroe’s spirit for the Material Girl video while reenactiing this entire scene. Made this dress even more popular than it already was!

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post on the continuation of Marilyn Monroe’s memorable looks from her movies. Also, I will clue you in on where you can find some very Marilyn-inspired dresses for your upcoming events!