From Geek to Chic.

Jennifer Aniston is my best friend. Well, not quite. This is what I wish I could say. She’s funny, seems nice, and is Greek (and if you couldn’t guess from my extra long last name, so am I)! Bottom line is she’s quirky and her style is more often than not, out of this world. She’s definitely made some bad choices when it comes to the big screen and unfortunately “Just Go With It“, is no exception. It’s your typical ugly-plain-ducking-turns-into-hot-woman-and-ends-up-falling-for main-charater kind of plot. This movie may not have gotten too many laughs out of me, but it sure had one great stylist. When Katherine Murphy (Jen) got her makeover, she pulled out all the stops and dressed to impress. And impressed she did.

just-go-with-photo-jennifer-aniston white dress

There is just something about a white dress that screams class. Add the fact that she went nude with her belt and shoe selection makes the look even cleaner and so well put together. My goal for this summer is to buy a short white dress and mimic this entire look (at a more affordable price because this entire look probably cost way over $1,000).

The main attraction: The dress alone is to die for, but the fact that she added this great belt made this look appropriate for a day time get-together. A nice belt goes a long way and can change an entire outfit. It tones down the elegance of the dress and makes it wearable for more casual occasions.


An LBD (Little Black Dress) is a must in every girls closet. Wearing black from head to toe sometimes is the way to go. It adds a little mystery and definitely oozes sexy.

The main attraction: I love this whole look from the purse selection to the belt, however look at those shoes! Elaborate strappy sandals are definitely in this season, and I think they are here to stay! If you are looking for something similar, I would stick to either black or nude for a shoe like this. You’ll be able to wear them a lot more often and the color won’t take away from the style.


Usually when I go down South I see beach vendors selling crocheted dresses. My parents have bought me a few when on vacation, but I never had the guts to wear them. However, after seeing how cute Katherine’s look was with her wavy beach hair and this off-white crocheted dress, I think on my next vacation I will be pulling my dresses out of the drawers!

The main attraction: Pulling off the perfect beach waves is a very difficult thing to do. They either end up too flat, or too crunchy. The casual looking sun-kissed waves  give off a vacation vibe and are definitely ideal for Summer!


A cute white loose tank with cut off shorts can go a long way. As women we tend to think more is better, however, Katherine shows that simplicity sometimes is the best for a casual night in (all the while avoiding your sweat pants).

The main attraction: I love the fact that the shorts are a light jean color. They’re not white, but not a dark denim either. You can match any color with this type of denim which allows for a variety of different ensembles!