How to look amazing while losing a guy in 10 days.

One of my favorite movies of all time has got to be How to lose a guy in 10 days. It’s funny, cute, has great acting, and let’s be honest, Matthew Mcconaughey is just really great to look at. What I love the most is despite the movie being released 10 years ago, all the outfits that Andie Anderson (played by Kate Hudson) wore for each scene can totally be worn today. Throughout the entire movie you see clean lines, neutral colors, and femininity at its best. She always kept her accessories to a minimal and her makeup consisted of a light pink cheek with sheer pearl eye shadow and thin eye liner.  Working at Composure magazine, “the fastest growing woman’s magazine in the country”, obviously you would expect Andie Anderson to have some great style. However she went beyond expectations and here are a few reasons why this movie oozes of great style.


This look is from the first scene of the movie and is by far my favorite. She is wearing a  fitted knee length dark taupe skirt with a plain white blouse. Many may think this is a simple enough look to master, however you would be surprised how easily it can be wrongly executed. If you want to replicate this outfit, first things first, make sure your skirt and blouse are fitted and I don’t mean fitted to the point where you can’t breathe. There is almost nothing more unappealing than when you see a woman sitting and her buttons from her blouse look like they are about to bust open. You want to also wear a high enough heel in order to balance out the knee length skirt and keep jewelry to a minimum to keep up with with clean lines. Throughout the whole movie she wore 2 thin gold rings. One on her middle finger and the other on her ring finger (both on the same hand). This is a great way to wear 2 rings at the same time, but without cluttering yourself.

The main attraction: I am a firm believer than in every woman’s closet there should be a white, long sleeve blouse. It is great for the work place with a skirt, or a night out for supper with dark blue jeans. It can be versatile in many ways and exudes that you have a classy, crisp sense of style.


“Our love fern…you let it die!” One of the funniest scenes of the movie where Andie crashes “Benjie’s” boys poker night. She was acting completely inappropriately and would probably be even more annoying if she didn’t look so cute in her dress. She wore a loose 3/4 dress that sinches at her waist and has spaghetti straps that you can tie. The colors of this dress were in the neutral tones, and she opted for beige sandals to match. She clipped her bangs back which wasn’t one of my favorite hair looks of hers, however it keeps up with the femininity of the look. With this look she demonstrates that a simple summer dress can go a long way. I for one am loading up on them for this hot summer to come!

The main attraction: The dress itself is really nice, however what I love the most about it are the colors. Brown, beige and blue is my favorite tri-color combination. They mesh really well together and you don’t see them paired enough in wardrobe looks. Adding in the blue gives the neutral tones a nice twist. You can use these colors with a lot of other looks such as: a brown skirt, with a pale blue top and beige heels. Sky is the limit with these colors, and a navy blue can also be added in!


After having spent only 6 days together, their couples therapist suggested they go on a weekend getaway to work on their relationship. Benjamin decided to bring her along to visit his parents in Long Island. For a day on the pier, Andie went for a basic look of white sneakers, dark denim and a white tank top. Extremely simple, but it works so well. She kept it comfortable in order to enjoy the day to its fullest. This look just shows that a plain white tank can be easily pulled off, even for women.

The main attraction: A pair of dark denims is a must in every closet and Andie showed us why. We have all had one of those days where your boyfriend, or someone you like will want to spend a day with you, without doing anything fancy and you are completely stumped as to what to wear. You want to look casual, while still looking cute. Bottom line is you want to look good without looking like you tried too hard. A dark denim fits perfectly into this equation because it can be dressed down, as well as dressed up and gives off that effortless look you are aiming for!


I decided to end with this look because it truly speaks for itself. Having been invited to the Delauer’s diamond party, Andie went for a silk yellow gown that looks simply breathtaking on her. From the front it looks like a simple, low cut dress, however from the back it is completely open with a delicate criss crossing finish. She put her hair up in a low twist and her makeup was kept subtle, adding a little extra shimmer in the corner of her eyes. Not many of us can pull of a dress like this simply because you have to have 0% cellulite to wear a light colored silk dress. If the material was a bit thicker I would say it is a bit more feasible for most of us to wear. In the beginning of the night her accessories were discreet, however when she got to the party she was able to borrow the Isadora diamond necklace which had a saphire pendant. The light yellow tone of the dress with the dark blue pendant made a beautiful contrast.

The main attraction: The color of this dress is what steals my heart away. I think blonds tend to shy away from pale colors, especially yellow because they fear it will wash them out. However I believe that a light yellow on a blond haired woman is really beautiful, especially if she has a slight tan. It brings out a a glow and would definitely grab the attention of everyone in the room. That being said, blondies don’t be shy to bring out the yellow!