About Me

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Who I am.

«Stop sitting so close to the TV Christie!»

…is what my parents have told me on numerous occasions as a child (and a few times as an adult too).

My name is Christie Spiropoulos and I love television. Always have, and most likely always will. Whether it’s a great tv show, or an indie flick, I love to just sit there and get lost in the world they have created. Not only do I watch, I tend to analyze quite a bit as well. From the relationships, to conversations, nothing escapes me….but my favorite thing to really observe is the outfits. Just like many women, I love clothes. I love envisioning outfits for occasions that don’t necessarily exist. I’ve told myself on more than one occasion “This would be a great dress for a garden party”, but truthfully I’ve never been to a garden party before, and probably never will. Fact of the matter is, it’s fun. In the tv shows or movies, these characters get to dress up for all these events (or just to lounge around on their couch) and seem to be everyday people like us. They’re not on a red carpet going to the Oscars (an event I so desperately hope to be able to attend one day). These are regular men and women who seem to live an everyday life like us, and develop their own personal style while doing it.

What I do.

I have no fashion degree background, but if there was a certificate given out for being an excellent spender, then I would get it and frame it on my wall. I am a marketing major and work in the advertising industry by day. On nights and weekends I am a makeup artist. Small or big events I have done women’s makeup (and sometimes men) and have learned that a great look is not only in the hair, makeup or clothing. It’s the totality of the ensemble that counts. If your hair and makeup is ready for a night out, but your clothing doesn’t seem to match, something looks wrong, and people will notice.

What I love.

I may not have the most expensive wardrobe but I like to believe that I have a classic sense of style that can resonate with many. Some pieces I own are pricey, and others I have barely cost $20.  I don’t try to base my wardrobe on what’s the hottest on the runway or red carpet, but rather what I’ve seen on the big or small screen and has resonated with me. Whether it be a movie from the 80’s or last night’s episode of a favorite tv show of mine, I see what I can take away from the look and try to make it my own.

So sit back (make some popcorn while you’re at it) and enjoy!


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