Miss York. Part 2.


If someone were to ask which TV character is known to be conservative, elegant, feminine and has a strict rulebook when it comes to dating, most people would immediately answer Charlotte York (played by Kristin Davis) from Sex and the City.

She believed less is more and that you don’t need to wear revealing clothes to catch a man’s attention. Her sense of style was classic, always maintaining a twist of femininity and she stayed true to her romantic beliefs throughout the entire series. She was a strong, smart and confident woman who chose to portray her simplistic, down-to-earth personality through her attire. Always a fan of neutral palettes and pinks (she is seen wearing it so often I think it is safe to assume it is her favorite color), she is still a fashion icon influence to many women out there who wish to have a sophisticated and adorable wardrobe all at once. Let’s continue to take a look at what Charlotte had in her awesome closet!


This great outfit is perfect as a daytime look as well as a summer evening outfit. The red belts adds a pop of color and it is balanced off with her nude shoes.


This dress is vibrant and shows a lot more personality than most of her other oufit selections. This very unique, thick vertical stripped peplum dress is very flattering because vertical stripes lengthen the body, and the peplum/belt combo sinch the waist, creating the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Charlotteoscarpolkadotdress oscar de la renta


Now this is how pregnant is done. Adorable, feminine and appropriate for a woman who is far along in her pregnancy. Charlotte shows that just because you are a mommy-to-be doesn’t mean you cannot dress up every once in a while. The simple polka dot dress is perfectly combined with this pink jacket and blush pink shoes.


Another amazing dress choice by Charlotte. This beige dress is simple yet it’s neckline is very original and the snakeskin belt adds a little edge to the look.


No surprise that one of my favorite Charlotte outfits is yet again, pink. This beautiful fuscia pink skirt suit is perfect for so many occasions, as well as the office (if you are in a pretty cool office). The peplum adds that girl-ish feel that every one of Charlotte’s outfits has, and I love the matching pink purse. I tend to always think I need to have a different color purse (in a complimentary tone), however, this shows to me that having the exact same color purse looks great. Somestimes staying in the same color tone is the way to go!

Charlotte taught us many things: never give up on true love, never book two dates in one night, never judge a book by it’s cover and always be dressed the way you want to be perceived. Thank you Charlotte for being the refined lady you are!


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