Miss York.


Sex and the City: four women, four very different styles. Charlotte York (played by Kristin Davis), the prim and proper one of the group, lived by a high standard of sophistication and class. Having been raised with the utmost of manners, she believed one should act and dress like a lady.

She was a fantastic friend who was loyal (i.e. she would plot the demise of your ex-boyfriend if you needed her to) and she was most remembered for being a romantic. Hopelessly devoted to find love, Charlotte believed from the deepest of her core that true love would find its way to her. She wanted to meet the man of her dreams, and she wanted to meet him now. As she so gracefully (not) said:

“I’ve been dating since I was fifteen. I’m exhausted. Where is he?”.

Well it may have taken some time however, many bad dates, bad kissers (remember the man who gave her a chin-hickey) and one divorce later she found her way to true love with Harry Goldenblatt (played by Evan Handler). He is the man who stole her heart away in the most unpredictable way: by being himself. Every bit of her tried to fight her feelings but if Charlotte’s story taught us anything is that you can’t fight love.

Her style represented exactly everything she stood for: elegance and sophistication. She believed that you shouldn’t show all your “goodies” in order to get some attention. Unlike some of the other women in the group, Charlotte leaned towards the conservative look, and kept simple patterns and feminine colors. It is time to go down Charlotte’s fashion runway and look at how she made her personality come through her very lady-like clothing.         


This look completely defines what Chalortte is: a beautiful and feminine Connecticut lady. She liked to keep things simple and this beautiful strapless fitted dress is adorable, especially with the pattern and bow detailing which screams out feminitity at its finest.

charlotte 1

Charlotte felt that if you wanted to be seen as a classy woman, you’d have to dress the part, and that she did. With this simple v-neck white dress, and big black sunglasses she would even make Jackie O proud.   

charlotte black dress

Always being seen as the innocent one, Miss York wanted to make a statement when she was a bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding. Instead of going plain-Jane on her dress selection she chose an elegant black gown and the best part: the plunging open back. She went sexy without giving away too much, a rule we should all follow.

charlotte pink belt

This character was the Queen of cute dresses. Never dissapointing, this dress is no exception. This southern-belle dress is covered with a soft pattern and the pink belt is the perfect accessory to take this dress from ordinary to memorable.

charlotte pink dress


We all go through difficult times and that was the best part of the show: the reality of it all. Most of these women went through ups and downs like the rest of us and Charlotte went through a devastating event during this period. After having hit rock bottom, she decided to pick herself up and get inspired by Elizabeth Taylor. She channeled Mrs.Taylor’s strength and elegance and wore what is my favorite Charlotte look from all the seasons. This stunning strapless fuscia pink dress with a black bow belt is unforgettable. The elegance of it all blew me away, and her updo and big black sunglasses just adds perfectly to the outfit.

Stay tuned on Wednesday for the continuation of Charlotte’s elegant and feminine looks. Did she continue on with her lady-like ways, or did she stray away from her own rules? We will soon find out!


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