Crazy, Stupid, Oh-so-hot, Love.


Love is a many splendid thing, as they say, that can change your life from one moment to the next. “Crazy, Stupid, Love” shows different aspects of love in a most entertaining way and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A big reason why I enjoyed it as much as I did probably has something to do with the ever-so-charming Ryan Gosling who plays Jacob Palmer, the wealthy womanizer who takes Cal Weaver (played by Steve Carell) under his wing and teaches him how to act and dress like a man.

In today’s society, men often think they need to spruce up their look by adding some funky colors to their outfits and suits. I, on the other hand believe that by staying in overall neutral tones is the best way to go in order to stay sophisticated, classy and irresistible. That’s exactly what Jacob Palmer does in this movie. He made most of us women (and some men no doubt) stare in awe at his flawless sense of style and drool just a little bit (or was that just me?). Jacob was the ultimate mentor and therefore Cal deserves some limelight as well because his style goes from drab to fab in no time thanks to Jacob! Even though the women of this movie also had a great wardrobe, it’s time to take a close look to the men who lit up the big screen and our hearts.


He….He….Um…Ok Sorry, got distracted for a moment just mindlessly staring at this work of art. Shy but confident smile, styled hair and a great suit, who can resist this?! Sometimes keeping it sleek and simple is key to a great look. Black with pin stripes and a white shirt is all Jacob needed to get a lucky lady’s attention that night.


Dark tones is the way to go to give off that mysterious look. A dark grey suit and black blouse gives off the laid back and ready to mingle approach which is great for a night out on the town.

carell gosling

This was Cal’s first day as a new well-dressed man. This is a great way to still dress up, but without actually wearing your stereoptypical suit. A suede blazer is a key item to invest in for Fall and Winter.


Another prime example of Jacob using nothing but neutral tones to end up with a breathtaking look. This is actually one of my favorite color combinations for a suit: a medium toned grey suit with a black blouse. To make this outfit even better, it’s a 3-piece suit which as men get older, this should be a staple in their closet.


At parent-teacher night obviously Cal won’t wear a suit, but he still dressed to impress for the occasion. A semi-casual look consisting of a blouse under a dark v-neck sweater and a great looking jacket of the same tone made his wife question why she left him in the first place.


This perfectly fitted (not too tight, not too loose) thin polo is a great combination of casual and dressed up. Without wearing the suit, he still looks put together. Furthermore, that light brown leather watch is the ideal timeless piece.

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post on the review of the handsome men of “Crazy, Stupid, Love”. Do you love a man in a suit as much as I do?


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