Here Comes the Bride.


When I think of summer, 3 things come to mind: swimming, bbqs and wedding season. Unfortunately with the very unpredictable Montreal weather, it is hard to plan the first two, however, it is always a sure thing that I will have at least one to two weddings to attend a summer (no matter how the weather turns out). From the finger foods, to the crazy dancing, I always have a good time but what I look forward to the most is finally getting a glimpse of the bride’s wedding dress.

Whether they opt for a princess gown, or a romantic lace dress, each bride is beautiful in their own way. Having done the makeup of many brides on their special day, I know how important it is for them to look their most beautiful, but to also still feel like themselves. Whatever style you go for, you have to stay true to yourself and if possible have your personality shine through your dress selection.

All these weddings I am attending make me think of some of my favorite wedding looks and moments from TV shows. I wanted to take a look and revisit some of my all-time favorite brides from the past and present! Some of these looks may be a bit outdated for 2013, but one thing noone can disagree with is that when we saw these characters in their wedding dresses, tears of joy filled our eyes.


It had been a long time coming for Izzie Stevens and Alex Karev’s to tie the knot from Grey’s Anatomy. When the day came Izzie’s look did not dissapoint with her ivory lace drop waist wedding gown with a halter neck.


Who could forget Luke and Lorelei‘s from Gilmore Girls special day? Lorelei looked stunning in this very soft pink strapless gown with a champagne sash at the waist. The floral detailing makes the dress very unique and I must admit, I’m a tad biased towards this dress because the one thing I know for sure is that my own dress will also be a very soft pink.


It looked like Charlotte York from Sex and the City had it all when she was going to marry her Trey McDougal but unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last very long. Fortunately for Charlotte she looked breathtaking in her gown. As her wedding planner Anthony Marantino said “You want pasta you go to Little Italy, you want wedding, you go Wang”. He couldn’t have said it better! Vera Wang is known for making unforgettable wedding dresses and this was no exception.


Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl sure doesn’t look too happy in this picture. It’s probably because she didn’t want to go through with the wedding to her Prince, but one thing is for sure, it is not the stunning gowns fault. Another look successfully orchestrated with the help of the undefeated Vera Wang. Blaire looked like a true princess with the touch of the tiara inspired jewels on her head.


A true classic: Rebecca Donaldson and Uncle Jesse’s big day. Full House had a strong presence in most of our households growing up and this episode definitely brought tears of joy to our eyes! Becky’s typical 90’s dress had enough ruffles to could go on for days, but she looked stunning (and let’s just point out how scrumptious Uncle Jesse looks in that tux. As he would say “Have Mercy!”)


Last but not least, my tribute to Glee. I am a very big fan of the show and music and the news about Cory Monteith (who played Finn Hudson) is truly devastating. This is in honor to him for he will always be remembered and will be deeply missed. This ultra feminime Audrey Hepburn-inspired gown was perfect for Rachel Berry when she was ready to tie-the-knot with Finn. It’s simplicity is what makes it stand out and I love the choice of white flowers for this exceptionally white dress. Audrey Hepburn would have been proud of Rachel’s elegance.

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post on another 6 of my favorite bridal TV moments. If you have any favorite bridal looks, I would love to hear them! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Here Comes the Bride.

  1. Christie, you brought back nice memories and reminded us of many beautiful brides and wedding dresses from our favorite TV shows !!! It is amazing how you remberred all these wedddings.
    I agree with you , a light pink color dress is a nice replacement to the traditional white color gown.

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