Lady in Gold.

Everyone knows that when you’re plotting a wealthy family’s demise, you have to dress the part (not that I would know from personal experience). For Emily Thorne this means wearing gowns and dresses around the clock. Completely emerging yourself in the Hamptons social elite club and attending the most sophisticated events is no easy task (although I would take the opportunity in a second).

As previously mentioned, Emily is known for her neutral palette choices and simple cuts. On Monday’s post, I talked about how at certain events Emily went out of her comfort zone by wearing red dresses to stand out. In this post I want to focus on the color gold. There are so many variations to this color because in some cases it can be flashier and others toned down. Whatever the tone, Emily made some excellent choices and these are prime examples of dresses to wear at a wedding.


This strapless metallic dress is understated yet stands out. The belt brings out the flecks of gold  in the dress which create the ideal shimmer effect. With having her eyes and hair kept relatively simple, the choice of deep red lips is the perfect final piece to tie everything together.


How can you not look beautiful with a dress like this on, and a man like that by your side? This stunning rushed light gold satin strapless gown is a show stopper. Wearing a floor length gold dress may be a bit much for attending a wedding, but if you feel comfortable doing it, I say go for it! If not, a knee-length version of this dress would be perfect. And adding a little bling to it like Emily did with the diamand necklace is a nice touch.


Rose gold, my favorite. Since I am a huge fan of pink, rose gold is the perfect balance. It combines the cuteness of pink, with the glam of gold­. In this very mini getup, Emily demonstrates that you can wear sequins without going over the top. Although, if you plan to hold a gun in the middle of the wedding reception, I would assume that would attract a bit more attention than you were expecting.


This knee length gold perlescent dress is clean cut and sophisticated. She paired the dress with a gold metal belt, and deep gold metallic sandals. She kept everything relatively simple which gives room for the dress to do the talking.



This dress screams out romantic. It’s a peplum lattice dress which unlike most of the other dresses she wears, has some excquisite detailing. It’s sheer sleeves and light peplum make the dress exceptionally unique and I love that she kept all her accessories in the same tone: gold enveloppe clutch with dark gold pumps.

Whether she wears red or gold or any other color of the rainbow, Emily Thorne always makes excellent dress choices and I’ll make sure to take a page out of her book for the next wedding i’m going to. Beware of this character showing up again on this blog. There were too many great dress choices to fit into only 2 posts!


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