Rachel Green style evolution part 3: “I’ll be there for you … cause you’re there for me, too.”


Rachel Green will forever be a character I relate to. Whether it be her sensitive personality, or sense of style, I consider her someone I can look up to. Frankly, I think we can be best friends. Saying good bye to this series was almost as difficult for me than when Full House ended (but that’s a whole other post in itself). In seasons 8, 9 and 10 things got more intense with Rachel pregnant, Monica and Chandler being married, Phoebe getting married and the question on everyone’s mind: will Ross and Rachel end up together. Despite all the changes that were happening in the group, Rachel Green’s style definitely progressed while all the while maintained her classic signature look.


 Even while pregnant she kept true to her neutral tones selection: black, white, beige and grey. In general she rarely strayed away from these tones and when she did it was hardly anything too flashy. One of my favorite dresses she wore throughout the 10 years is when she was in the Bahamas and had her first kiss with Joey. She wore this multi-colored floral open back dress with a slit in the front and flared at the waist. It was something we hardly ever saw her in. Rachel showed viewers that for the most part, simplicity can go a long way, but every once in a while it is worth sporting something that will make you stand out. Sometimes it’s necessary to go out of your comfort zone.


In season 10 Rachel started toning down her hair color, focusing more on a light brown and started sporting heavy side swept bangs. Whenever I re-watch that season I get the urge to cut my bangs short (no surprise there). She also wore a lot of short skirts with knee high boots which is a feminine and flirty look that I often try to mimic. Without stockings it may be difficult to wear depending on weather conditions, but for the most part this look is appropriate for Spring, Fall and Winter, and can be worn for different occasions.

Many great shows leave a bitter taste in fans mouths during the finale, and shower them with disappointment. However, I am happy to say that Friends did no such thing. Although we were unbelievably sad it ended, it was bittersweet and the Ross and Rachel saga ended on the perfect note. A rumoured reunion is always going around (which gives me false hope every single time) but one thing is for sure, if they do end up coming back, I know my girl Rachel won’t disappoint with her wardrobe selection.


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