Rachel Green style evolution part 2: “I’ll be there for you … like I’ve been there before.”


Since Rachel Green played such a pivotal role in fans lives, I deemed it necessary to spend a little time reevaluating her looks over those 10 years that the show aired. As of season 3, a noticeable change happened in Rachel’s look. Although always staying consistent with the simplicity of her style, she started growing her hair out (in which it reached an all-time long for this character) and her outfits started getting slightly sexier. She got the great opportunity to work at Ralph Lauren and she decided to dress the part. Fitted skirt suits and simple shirts was her go-to look as she climbed the corporate ladder over the seasons.


Aside from her suits, her more casual looks consisted of a lot of leather, plaid, simple cuts, and fitted tops. As opposed to the first few seasons. she welcomed more patterns and color in her wardrobe (although more often than not, stayed in the neutral palette). We saw her in cuter colors like soft pinks and peaches, and dresses started appearing in her regular attire. Her hair got progressively lighter over the years while focusing on blond highlights around the face. Whenever I go to the hairdresser I attempt the same look and one time someone actually told me my hair looked like Rachel’s. I felt in that moment I had reached my goal in life (yes-I am that dramatic at times).



The biggest shock of the whole series (other than her being pregnant in season 8 with Ross’ baby) was when in season 7 Rachel cut her beautiful long locks and started sporting the short bob. I absolutely loved this cut on her, despite the actress not being a big fan of it. It was cute and changed her whole look. It showed women that you don’t need to always hide behind your hair, and short hair can be very sexy. Whether she kept it straight, or waved it to made the tips flare out, she always looked sexy while remaining classy. An important aspect of her haircut was that the front was a bit longer than the back. This adds a little edge to the classic bob.

Roughly 2 years ago I got the sudden urge to abandon my long hair and started googling pictures of Rachel’s short hair as inspiration. Although it had been 8 years since she had that hair style, I knew it was timeless and I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself.


Stay tuned for the last post on Friday of Rachel Green’s style evolution of the final seasons where we had to say that heartbreaking good bye.

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