Rachel Green style evolution part 1: “I’ll be there for you … when the rain starts to fall.”


Rachel Green. A name Jennifer Aniston will never be able to live down. Frankly, I think if I were to ever see Jennifer I would probably scream out “RACHEL!”. From its theme song to its characters, F.R.I.E.N.D.S had a huge impact on many individuals. It ran from 1994 to 2004 but almost 10 years after its final episode people still refer to the show as if it’s still on the air. In terms of style, I would have to say Rachel was the most influential. She’s been the ultimate hairspiration to many out there (as well as to yours truly) and when it came to her style, she forever remained true to herself. I wanted to take the time to explore the head-to-toe style evolution of Rachel Green, because a character so inspirational deserves a little limelight.


With the exception of the very first scene where we are introduced to Rachel in her wedding dress, her style has always been relatively simple from day 1. As opposed to Monica and Phoebe, Rachel was more prone to wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans in the first few seasons. Most of her outfits consisted of two basic pieces and natural makeup (not to mention most of her looks translate even 20 years later). For example, even though so much time has passed, an almost identical version of her denim sleeveless shirt she wore in the first season can be found in so many stores today (Forever 21, Zara, H&M, etc).  Tie-fronts are also very popular today and Rachel wore a plaid one in season 1 when she was talking to Ross while doing her laundry.  As we all know, Ross was obsessed with her and probably not only because of her vibrant personality. The girl had style, and I remember being in elementary school and wishing I could be her.


As I mentioned, apart from her actual clothes her hair was a true inspiration. Rachel Green had some pull in what’s in and what’s not. It seemed like the second she cut her hair, or styled it a certain way, the whole world wanted to mimic it. The “Rachel haircut” was the first of them all. Short length, blown out with choppy layers was the look to have and unfortunately I was never able to totally perfect it (but trust me, I tried and so did my friends). As popular as it was, ironically enough I recently read an article where Jennifer Aniston admits to having hated that hair style and she couldn’t wait until her layers grew out. Looks like everyone else disagreed with her on that one!

Stay tuned for the second post on Wednesday on Miss.Green’s style evolution of seasons 3 to 8!


One thought on “Rachel Green style evolution part 1: “I’ll be there for you … when the rain starts to fall.”

  1. I loved watching FRIENDS,too. Rachel’s style is a very good choice of fashion style to discuss. I cannot wait to read your second part!!!

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