Color me striped.

Almost nothing breaks my heart more than when a TV show I like is about to get cancelled. If America kept Jersey Shore on the air for several seasons, I don’t understand how other shows that demonstrate wit and humor keep getting cancelled! Happy Endings is a show that started in 2011 but recently got the axe (cue tear streaming down face). One of my favorite female characters on the show was Jane Kerkovich-Williams. Jane is my best-dressed character of all  tv shows, of all time, and that is by far the boldest statement I have ever made. Her taste is extremely similar to mine and if I could own her entire wardrobe, I would. Throughout every season she remained loyal to her preppy style, clean lines and simple ensembles which led to classic looks. Don’t be thrown off by her stick figure, they are suitable for many different body types!

Today I wanted to focus on one particular characteristic that gets repeated by this Jane very often: stripes. Jane loves her stripes, as do I. They offer sleekness, and can be dressed up as well as dressed down. Sadly, they have a false reputation of being unflattering. However unlike the common belief, they can be extremely flattering when worn as a top and always add some personality to an outfit.

Jane was a demanding woman, from herself and from others and a perfectionist at its best. This was portrayed in the way she put herself together in terms of her hair, makeup and clothing. Here are a few of my favorite stripe moments from Jane.


In this scene, the blazer has brought this look from a cute day time outfit to a possible “I’ve got a date tonight” look. Although the blazer has a very sleek cut with severe shouldver pads, she toned it down by pairing it with this fun top and by rolling up the sleeves. I love rolling up my blazer sleeves when I am wearing a long sleeve shirt because it makes it look more casual (but beware, if you don’t have a long sleeve shirt you may look like a cast member of Miami Vice). In this scene she wore a nice pair of fitted dark denim jeans which is the ideal pairing. By matching her nail polish and lipstick to the bubble gum pink stripes of the shirt, she made it look fun and flirty.

The main attraction: The fact that she kept her nails and lips pink is what truly caught my eye. Pink is my favorite color and the fact that she matched her makeup and nail polish to enhance the hue of the look, is a huge plus in my book. Even I can admit there is such a thing as too much pink (no one wants to look like a walking pepto-bismol bottle), but in this case, she’s got just the right amount of it. As we get older some women feel as though they can’t wear the color pink as much as they once did in their teens, but this outfit shows that when done correctly, pink can be worn at any age.


I’ve already mentioned in a previous post that one of my favorite tri-color combinations is blue, brown and beige, therefore it is no surprise that this is a favorite look of mine. From the boots to the taupe sweater she remained in the same neutral color palette however she chose a black skirt as her bottom. I’ve heard on countless occasions from women that they believe you cannot pair black and navy together. I am here to tell these women: look at Jane! Black is a neutral, therefore can be worn with anything and frankly, even navy has become a neutral nowadays. So next time, no need to break your head in trying to figure out what bottom to wear your navy top goes with. That being said, a dark brown skirt would also have looked really nice with these items.

The main attraction: Every Fall/Winter I tell myself I will wear more short skirts with pantyhose, instead of pants/jeans all the time. Usually when the time comes I either feel overdressed, or out of place. What really makes or breaks this pairing is the density of the pantyhose. For a night out I tend to wear thin, black-toned stockings. However for a casual supper or party I wouldn’t feel comfortable in those. This is the perfect example how you can wear a short skirt for a more casual event and not feel too exposed. Her pantyhose are light brown and thick, almost tights like. I never would have thought of that color but I absolutely love it and will defiitely buy myself a pair for this upcoming Fall.


At first glance you can tell right away that the theme of this look screams out the color grey. Usually grey is perceived as drab and boring, but the way Jane used different tones of it from head to toe made the look sexy and stylish. This dress is beyond short in terms of length. My version of this look would be slightly longer. To add a little color to this head-to-toe ensemble, she put a fuscia pink lipstick , which breaks up the color palette ever so lightly. Whenever you wear too much grey or black at a time, it is important to have at least one pop of color. It attracts the eye and adds a little flare.

The main attraction: I am a firm believer that in every woman’s closet there should be a sporty leather jacket. It can make any outfit slightly edgier (without the pain of getting tattooes or piercings). Whether it be black, dark grey or dark brown it’s one of those pieces that at the time might seem like a heavy investment to make, but in the long run you will appreciate its worth after having worn it so much. This leather jacket in particular keeps up with the sleekness of the look because it is nicely fitted. If it were loose on her, the outfit would lose its shape and therefore not be as appealing to the eye.


This is how to pull of a business-casual look without being boring. The beautiful pink shirt from under brings out the pink stripes of the sweater and demonstrates that layering can make a big difference. Her light teal nail color would normally be something I like, however, for this particular outfit it does not mesh well for me. To complete the look for work I would pair it with navy fitted pants and camel round toe heels or flats. Perfect for the work environment because it looks professional, all the while being extremely stylish.

The main attraction: The sweater is my favorite piece. I love that it seems to be a basic 2 tone sweater of camel and navy but then out of nowhere there are those few pink stripes. It can be worn completely alone, or with the shirt underneath like Jane went for which makes it even more work appropriate. I can even see this sweater under a blazer, black or navy, which would make this look more evening appropriate. However you decide to sport a sweater like this, it’s suitable for many different occasions and will often give off a proper, preppy look.


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