Interview with a celebrity look-alike.

As I was waiting in Tim Hortons for my interview with my friend Maria Asimacopoulos, I was looking pretty drab due to my worst enemy: humidity. Next thing I know Maria walks in with a cute white and pink striped long sleeve top and her hair pulled up in a bun. At that moment I immediately knew I made the right decision on who I wanted to get their insight of their favorite present onscreen looks. I know my share of tv shows and movies, but Maria is a close runner up on her knowledge. Most importantly, I look to her for fashion advice because of her great sense of style and her background in Fashion Marketing.


When asked who was her main tv show/movie starlet inspiration she didn’t have to think about it for long: Rachel Berry from Glee. Having known Maria for a couple of years now, one thing I can count on is that she is often told she looks like Miss Berry. Naturally Maria finds  this extremely flattering because not only is she a huge fan of the show and loves the character (and actress) but she considers her a very big fashion inspiration. She explained to me that from Season 1 to Season 4, Rachel Berry has had a serious fashion transformation. What differentiates her style from the seasons I asked, “Season 1 she was focused on being cute and feminine, whereas in Season 4 she has entered womanhood and focuses on sexier, more form fitting pieces.” From A to Z, Rachel Berry has covered all bases from cute and innocent, to sexy and sultry and Maria has been inspired along the way. “She is my hairspiration” Maria added, noting that on top of loving her wardrobe, she also loves her hair. “Rachel has a soft ombré look which I really want to do one day”, Maria eagerly voiced. I can’t help but wonder if Rachel Berry is the new Rachel Greene in terms of being a hairspiration to many young girls out there!

Chic in Black and White.


I asked her to name me some of her favorite RB outfits which led to an endless list. She boiled it down to three (not an easy task since there are so many nice ones). For the first look she settled on this bicolor shorts/vneck sweater look that she replicated almost exactly. What she loves about this outfit is that it’s extremely simple, yet sexy and sophisticated and has some edge with the high black leather boots. Instead of the shorts, she wore a black and white mini skirt, with the same pattern. She channeled Rachel Berry that night (minus the singing) and I can vouch for her that she looked absolutely incredible in that outfit!

Pretty in Pink…and Lace. 


Another one of her favorite looks is this beautiful fuschia pink lace dress Rachel wore for a wedding. “I really love the color of this dress. It is so punchy, and the lace adds class a lot of class.” Often lace dresses are found in muted colors like black and white, but this adds a nice spin to a typical lace dress. For a recent wedding Maria attended, she took a page out of Rachel’s book and decided to wear a head turning vibrant orange/red lace dress. In my opinion, she looked even better than Miss Berry herself!

Soft and Simple.


Lastly, Maria stated that Rachel Berry blew people’s minds away with her prom dress. “At this point we were still used to her being cute and adorable so when she wore this dress, it was definitely shocking.” She further explained that the soft subtle pink is a great contrast with her skin tone and dark hair. “The mermaid cut and details on the dress are simple yet when put all together, make a memorable gown.” Maria hasn’t had the opportunity to wear a dress like this but will definitely aspire to and will hopes to find an event to mimic the stunning look.

So keep an eye out for a very fashionable Rachel Berry look-alike while you walk down the street, you will now know who it is!


Limos and dresses and corsages. Oh my!

It’s that time of year again where girls lie awake at night stressing over what dress they will choose, and boys try to muster up the courage to ask their high school crush out. Yes, prom. For most of us prom consisted of a terrible looking dress, and a crunchy stiff hair updo (exhibit A would be my very own prom picture, but with having your best interest at heart, I have excluded it from this post). Kids today have it so easy because there are a ton of affordable gorgeous dresses they can choose from (with BCBG, Zara, even Forever 21, to the vast amounts of online stores there are, the possibilities are endless).

Any high school based tv show will always have a prom episode. At least this was the case for Vampire Diaries. In no way do any of these characters actually look like they should be in high school, but it’s such a good show that its fans gladly overlook this fact. Since the season finale just passed I will definitely not reveal any spoilers, so have no fear. It’s so popular because on top of its constant edge-of-your-seat drama filled episodes, there’s enough eye candy for both men and women to last a lifetime.

The ladies of Mystic Falls definitely did not hold back for their prom. Some of their selection may have been a bit much for this event (probably more red carpet appropriate) but still worth talking about. If you watch Vampire Diaries you know that most of their events consist of these glamourous balls where these women wear breathtaking gowns. What’s funny is that the town looks like it has a population of 50 people and these teenage girls don’t even work. The question is, where is this amazing store that gives away these gowns for free? I will be gladly be their #1 client.    Pictures of You

Elena, or as I like to call her “the luckiest girl in the world” because she has 2 of the hottest men constantly running after her, looked stunning at her prom in this vibrant fuschia strapless Theia gown. I would consider this definitely prom-esque. The color and pattern (printed with different shades of fuschia) is so punchy and perfect to say good bye to the school year and hello to summer. The cut itself is something I would definitely go for: sweetheart strapless and completely sinched at the waist. I love how tightly sinched it is at the waist by the embedded sash, which allows  the skirt to completely flair out. Great for girls who have curvier hips (i.e. me), but not exclusive to them. Elena definitely has no problems in that area and she went for this cut which looked amazing. Since the color of the dress makes a loud enough statement alone she made the right decision in going very basic with her hairstyle, and minimal accessories. I would call this look close to perfect if it wasn’t for those red streaks in her hair. Although we couldn’t see her shoes, if it were me I would have gone for a black strappy sandal. Since there are darker tones in the dress pattern it allows room for a darker shoe color.


Pictures of You

Caroline, another lucky lady who has been able to smooch and get smooched by Tyler AND Matt, looked breathtaking at Mystic Fall’s event of the year with her 20’s inspired look. As much as I love this ivory strapless dress of hers, it is definitely not for prom. Nevertheless, it is beautiful with its almost spiderweb-like detailing and even if I have a deadly fear of spiders, it makes for a unique detail on the dress. It is form fitting unlike Elena’s and falls into a tulle-filled mermaid skirt which is very flattering on her body type. Since the color is muted, I love that she went for a classy updo. Some would even say this entire look is fitting for a non-traditional bride who doesn’t want the typical white dress.


PromDress Bonnie

Bonnie, my most disliked character, actually wore my favorite dress of the evening. This beautiful navy, strapless, layered tiers dress is just the right amount of prom with the perfect amount of glamour. It’s sophisticated and understated and the tiers detailing differentiates it from other simple straight-cut gowns. I couldn’t find a full length picture of Bonnie wearing the gown, however, luckily I found the actual dress which is also by Theia. I love how Bonnie wore her hair down in soft waves and this stunning black diamond necklace. It is definitely a stand-out piece of jewerly and ties in the entire look. I tend to shy away from bigger necklaces however this has inspired me to sport a big, attention-grabbing necklace at the next event I attend (hopefully the Oscars-still waiting on Mr.Gosling or Mr.Clooney to ask me).


Pictures of You

Since I am talking about all the ladies of Vampire Diaries at prom, I felt it necessary to include Rebekah, but not on a positive note. The color is as banana yellow as it gets and the faux roushing of the skirt is very 80s prom to me. I actually love yellow on blonds despite the popular opinion, but a lighter softer yellow, not something this flashy. This dress had potential with its bejeweled strapless bustier, however with the color, skirt, and material it all adds up to a prom disaster. I think I can confidently say that my own prom dress was nicer than this one (which isn’t saying much). Maybe the fact that she is roughly 1,200 years old clouded her judgment on what is “in” for prom.

Color me striped.

Almost nothing breaks my heart more than when a TV show I like is about to get cancelled. If America kept Jersey Shore on the air for several seasons, I don’t understand how other shows that demonstrate wit and humor keep getting cancelled! Happy Endings is a show that started in 2011 but recently got the axe (cue tear streaming down face). One of my favorite female characters on the show was Jane Kerkovich-Williams. Jane is my best-dressed character of all  tv shows, of all time, and that is by far the boldest statement I have ever made. Her taste is extremely similar to mine and if I could own her entire wardrobe, I would. Throughout every season she remained loyal to her preppy style, clean lines and simple ensembles which led to classic looks. Don’t be thrown off by her stick figure, they are suitable for many different body types!

Today I wanted to focus on one particular characteristic that gets repeated by this Jane very often: stripes. Jane loves her stripes, as do I. They offer sleekness, and can be dressed up as well as dressed down. Sadly, they have a false reputation of being unflattering. However unlike the common belief, they can be extremely flattering when worn as a top and always add some personality to an outfit.

Jane was a demanding woman, from herself and from others and a perfectionist at its best. This was portrayed in the way she put herself together in terms of her hair, makeup and clothing. Here are a few of my favorite stripe moments from Jane.


In this scene, the blazer has brought this look from a cute day time outfit to a possible “I’ve got a date tonight” look. Although the blazer has a very sleek cut with severe shouldver pads, she toned it down by pairing it with this fun top and by rolling up the sleeves. I love rolling up my blazer sleeves when I am wearing a long sleeve shirt because it makes it look more casual (but beware, if you don’t have a long sleeve shirt you may look like a cast member of Miami Vice). In this scene she wore a nice pair of fitted dark denim jeans which is the ideal pairing. By matching her nail polish and lipstick to the bubble gum pink stripes of the shirt, she made it look fun and flirty.

The main attraction: The fact that she kept her nails and lips pink is what truly caught my eye. Pink is my favorite color and the fact that she matched her makeup and nail polish to enhance the hue of the look, is a huge plus in my book. Even I can admit there is such a thing as too much pink (no one wants to look like a walking pepto-bismol bottle), but in this case, she’s got just the right amount of it. As we get older some women feel as though they can’t wear the color pink as much as they once did in their teens, but this outfit shows that when done correctly, pink can be worn at any age.


I’ve already mentioned in a previous post that one of my favorite tri-color combinations is blue, brown and beige, therefore it is no surprise that this is a favorite look of mine. From the boots to the taupe sweater she remained in the same neutral color palette however she chose a black skirt as her bottom. I’ve heard on countless occasions from women that they believe you cannot pair black and navy together. I am here to tell these women: look at Jane! Black is a neutral, therefore can be worn with anything and frankly, even navy has become a neutral nowadays. So next time, no need to break your head in trying to figure out what bottom to wear your navy top goes with. That being said, a dark brown skirt would also have looked really nice with these items.

The main attraction: Every Fall/Winter I tell myself I will wear more short skirts with pantyhose, instead of pants/jeans all the time. Usually when the time comes I either feel overdressed, or out of place. What really makes or breaks this pairing is the density of the pantyhose. For a night out I tend to wear thin, black-toned stockings. However for a casual supper or party I wouldn’t feel comfortable in those. This is the perfect example how you can wear a short skirt for a more casual event and not feel too exposed. Her pantyhose are light brown and thick, almost tights like. I never would have thought of that color but I absolutely love it and will defiitely buy myself a pair for this upcoming Fall.


At first glance you can tell right away that the theme of this look screams out the color grey. Usually grey is perceived as drab and boring, but the way Jane used different tones of it from head to toe made the look sexy and stylish. This dress is beyond short in terms of length. My version of this look would be slightly longer. To add a little color to this head-to-toe ensemble, she put a fuscia pink lipstick , which breaks up the color palette ever so lightly. Whenever you wear too much grey or black at a time, it is important to have at least one pop of color. It attracts the eye and adds a little flare.

The main attraction: I am a firm believer that in every woman’s closet there should be a sporty leather jacket. It can make any outfit slightly edgier (without the pain of getting tattooes or piercings). Whether it be black, dark grey or dark brown it’s one of those pieces that at the time might seem like a heavy investment to make, but in the long run you will appreciate its worth after having worn it so much. This leather jacket in particular keeps up with the sleekness of the look because it is nicely fitted. If it were loose on her, the outfit would lose its shape and therefore not be as appealing to the eye.


This is how to pull of a business-casual look without being boring. The beautiful pink shirt from under brings out the pink stripes of the sweater and demonstrates that layering can make a big difference. Her light teal nail color would normally be something I like, however, for this particular outfit it does not mesh well for me. To complete the look for work I would pair it with navy fitted pants and camel round toe heels or flats. Perfect for the work environment because it looks professional, all the while being extremely stylish.

The main attraction: The sweater is my favorite piece. I love that it seems to be a basic 2 tone sweater of camel and navy but then out of nowhere there are those few pink stripes. It can be worn completely alone, or with the shirt underneath like Jane went for which makes it even more work appropriate. I can even see this sweater under a blazer, black or navy, which would make this look more evening appropriate. However you decide to sport a sweater like this, it’s suitable for many different occasions and will often give off a proper, preppy look.

How to look amazing while losing a guy in 10 days.

One of my favorite movies of all time has got to be How to lose a guy in 10 days. It’s funny, cute, has great acting, and let’s be honest, Matthew Mcconaughey is just really great to look at. What I love the most is despite the movie being released 10 years ago, all the outfits that Andie Anderson (played by Kate Hudson) wore for each scene can totally be worn today. Throughout the entire movie you see clean lines, neutral colors, and femininity at its best. She always kept her accessories to a minimal and her makeup consisted of a light pink cheek with sheer pearl eye shadow and thin eye liner.  Working at Composure magazine, “the fastest growing woman’s magazine in the country”, obviously you would expect Andie Anderson to have some great style. However she went beyond expectations and here are a few reasons why this movie oozes of great style.


This look is from the first scene of the movie and is by far my favorite. She is wearing a  fitted knee length dark taupe skirt with a plain white blouse. Many may think this is a simple enough look to master, however you would be surprised how easily it can be wrongly executed. If you want to replicate this outfit, first things first, make sure your skirt and blouse are fitted and I don’t mean fitted to the point where you can’t breathe. There is almost nothing more unappealing than when you see a woman sitting and her buttons from her blouse look like they are about to bust open. You want to also wear a high enough heel in order to balance out the knee length skirt and keep jewelry to a minimum to keep up with with clean lines. Throughout the whole movie she wore 2 thin gold rings. One on her middle finger and the other on her ring finger (both on the same hand). This is a great way to wear 2 rings at the same time, but without cluttering yourself.

The main attraction: I am a firm believer than in every woman’s closet there should be a white, long sleeve blouse. It is great for the work place with a skirt, or a night out for supper with dark blue jeans. It can be versatile in many ways and exudes that you have a classy, crisp sense of style.


“Our love fern…you let it die!” One of the funniest scenes of the movie where Andie crashes “Benjie’s” boys poker night. She was acting completely inappropriately and would probably be even more annoying if she didn’t look so cute in her dress. She wore a loose 3/4 dress that sinches at her waist and has spaghetti straps that you can tie. The colors of this dress were in the neutral tones, and she opted for beige sandals to match. She clipped her bangs back which wasn’t one of my favorite hair looks of hers, however it keeps up with the femininity of the look. With this look she demonstrates that a simple summer dress can go a long way. I for one am loading up on them for this hot summer to come!

The main attraction: The dress itself is really nice, however what I love the most about it are the colors. Brown, beige and blue is my favorite tri-color combination. They mesh really well together and you don’t see them paired enough in wardrobe looks. Adding in the blue gives the neutral tones a nice twist. You can use these colors with a lot of other looks such as: a brown skirt, with a pale blue top and beige heels. Sky is the limit with these colors, and a navy blue can also be added in!


After having spent only 6 days together, their couples therapist suggested they go on a weekend getaway to work on their relationship. Benjamin decided to bring her along to visit his parents in Long Island. For a day on the pier, Andie went for a basic look of white sneakers, dark denim and a white tank top. Extremely simple, but it works so well. She kept it comfortable in order to enjoy the day to its fullest. This look just shows that a plain white tank can be easily pulled off, even for women.

The main attraction: A pair of dark denims is a must in every closet and Andie showed us why. We have all had one of those days where your boyfriend, or someone you like will want to spend a day with you, without doing anything fancy and you are completely stumped as to what to wear. You want to look casual, while still looking cute. Bottom line is you want to look good without looking like you tried too hard. A dark denim fits perfectly into this equation because it can be dressed down, as well as dressed up and gives off that effortless look you are aiming for!


I decided to end with this look because it truly speaks for itself. Having been invited to the Delauer’s diamond party, Andie went for a silk yellow gown that looks simply breathtaking on her. From the front it looks like a simple, low cut dress, however from the back it is completely open with a delicate criss crossing finish. She put her hair up in a low twist and her makeup was kept subtle, adding a little extra shimmer in the corner of her eyes. Not many of us can pull of a dress like this simply because you have to have 0% cellulite to wear a light colored silk dress. If the material was a bit thicker I would say it is a bit more feasible for most of us to wear. In the beginning of the night her accessories were discreet, however when she got to the party she was able to borrow the Isadora diamond necklace which had a saphire pendant. The light yellow tone of the dress with the dark blue pendant made a beautiful contrast.

The main attraction: The color of this dress is what steals my heart away. I think blonds tend to shy away from pale colors, especially yellow because they fear it will wash them out. However I believe that a light yellow on a blond haired woman is really beautiful, especially if she has a slight tan. It brings out a a glow and would definitely grab the attention of everyone in the room. That being said, blondies don’t be shy to bring out the yellow!