My favorite Carrie Bradshaw looks.

Carrie Bradshaw was known for many things, whether it be falling on the runway, or getting dumped on a post-it to name a few. However, one thing everyone would agree on is she is undeniably known and remembered for her fashion sense. Not all looks of hers were fan favorites. In fact, some would be on my “Never would I be caught dead in this top 5 looks” list. Still, for the most part, the woman had style and she pulled off outfits that are out of this world. Choosing only a few favorites for this post wasn’t easy but after a lot of thought and contemplation, I ended up choosing 5 that are purposely completely different from one another. It would’ve been easy to choose 5 fabulous dresses, but I thought it was important to show how capable Carrie was of being eclectic.

1. She said Yes….to the dress.

carrie white dress aidan

Any fan knows “the white dress”. I think the picture speaks for itself. Carrie and Aidan (the love of my life) went to a Black and White ball and Carrie chose this amazing dress for the night. It’s not your typical strapless dress because it elevates on the side adding a little funk, which only makes me love it more. It is extremely tight on the bodice and then falls into a mermaid shape, which may not be the most comfortable dress, but as the saying goes “beauty is pain”, and she really does look beautiful. She went for an updo sported with diamond dangling earrings, which was just just the perfect amount of bling to the look. I’ve got 2 words for this look: absolutely stunning. This is also a pretty great look for a bride….which was the reason that Aidan wanted to elope that night, and in result, ended their relationship. An unforgettable episode, for more reasons than one!

The main attraction: What really made this look complete is that Carrie had an emaculate updo for the evening. I can’t help but wonder whether this look would’ve made the list if her hair was let down. The effect would’ve been completely different, taking away from the elegance of the look.

2. “Cmon…Vogue”

carrie suit

Sophistication at its best. Carrie had a meeting at Vogue and wanted to look the part. It was the first episode where she unveiled her new do and it couldn’t have looked more fabulous. She wanted to come off as sophisticated and professional and she did just that by opting for a navy pin striped skirt suit with a wide collar opening. It is fitted, but not fitter to the point of being inappropriate for the work space. This look demonstrates that if you want to dress business-like, it doesn’t have to be boring. She also added a broach as an accessory, which complimented the suit so well. She paired this ensemble with classic nude pumps. The colors nude andnavy are one of my favorite combinations and I try to match them as much as possible! Although she got drunk in one of her meetings, she was well dressed while doing it!

The main attraction: The broach. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, broaches can have a huge impact on an outfit and adding an accessory like Carrie did can really show you put that extra effort into your outfit. A little effort can go a long way. You always want to look your best in the workplace, especially when interviewing at the worlds leading fashion magazine.

3. Where there’s rain, there’s a rainbow

carrie rainy day

In this episode, Carrie was having a classic bad day. She started off cheery, looking adorable in her outfit, but it quickly took a harsh turn when a storm came and made her day, not-so-pleasant. Despite getting harshly stuck in the rain, feeling that “New York gave me a real kick in the ass”, her outfit was one that remained a top favorite of the series. There’s almost nothing I love more than a flowy knee-length skirt. Some skirts may look a bit librarian, but this is definitely not one of them. I tend to not go overboard with colors in general, but this look screams color and I love the way she did it. The skirt being multicolored didn’t stop her from choosing a nice pink sweater, and a vibrant orange red jacket to wear. Where she kept it simple were the shoes, hair and makeup. I am not fond of her purse choice. I would have chosen a nude or white clutch purse to keep it more neutral. In the end despite NYC kicking her butt, she claimed to love it no matter what, as do I and this outfit!

The main attraction: The flowy skirt is what truly steals my heart away from this look. It’s adorable in every way and flatters many different body types. It can be worn for work, or a night out for supper. Also the colorful stripes makes it easy to match a colorful top with it! Lesson to learn: Never be afraid of some color.

4. Chic with a little Russian on the side

fur coat

Considering there are so many pieces in this one outfit, I am so impressed how she nailed every single one. From the ultra-comfy looking cream sweater to the dark denim to the black suede boots and fringe purse, this is a look that so many of us can wear on a chillier Fall day. I am not one to wear too much fur, but even I can appreciate a nicely made jacket when I see one, and this is one hell of a nice jacket! This coat paired with the simplicity of the rest of the ensemble results in the perfectly comfortable, “let’s-go-get-some-lunch-walk-around-town-with-a handsome-Russian” look.

The main attraction: In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a knee-high boot. Fall is my favorite season to shop for and it is all about boots. They tie in a look together, making it look more polished. These above the knee, black suede boots are awesome, and a must in any girls closet for the chillier seasons!

5. A tutu in Paris

carrie-bradshaw_green tully

A true Sex and the City fan remembers this outfit, mostly because it was worn by Carrie in the series finale of the show and most of us were glued to the tv screen. As we were clutching our pillows, heart beating to the anticipation of whether or not Big and Carrie would end up together, through our tear-filled eyes we were able to be enthralled with Carries stunning mid-calf, mint green tutu dress. What I love about this look is that she made it feasible to wear something that is meant ultimately, for ballerinas. It’s not every day you tell yourself “Maybe i’ll pull out my tutu dress tonight”, but by pairing this halter dress (with a cream criss cross back) with a simple shimmery cream blazer, feminine gold thin sandals and kept her jewelry to a minimum, she balanced it out without going over the top (which it’s no secret, Carrie has a knack for going over the top). To keep this look even cuter, because of the cold Parisian night she also added a fur hand holder which just adds as a nice accessory for the frisky weather (and we all know that Mr.Big was going to get frisky with her that night as well!)

The main attraction: This dress will be forever be embedded in my mind as a favorite of all time from not only the Sex and the City series, but any show/movie. The color itself is soft, which is needed for an attention-grabbing dress like this, and it’s criss-cross back adds some beautiful detailing. Also, often in tutu dresses, the length is short and not as flattering, but because this particular dress’ length is under the knee and the tutu is not overwhelming, it makes it extremely feminine and easy to wear.


4 thoughts on “My favorite Carrie Bradshaw looks.

  1. I loved Carrie Bradshaw”s looks .
    Excellent choice of outfits of different occasions to comment on. Your detail analysis makes the fashion style in the Sex and the City series so much more accessible for everyone!

  2. Hey Christie, I love that you took the time to write about Carrie! I think she has an amazing and unique sense of style, and that she is a fashion inspiration to a lot of girls… I love the outfit choices you wrote about…

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